For true foodies, there is nothing more exciting than trying out a new restaurant, especially in a beautiful, fun location! Visiting a new restaurant gives you the opportunity to visit a new place that you have not been before as well as be introduced to some unique dishes and drinks that you have never tried. And, what is better than trying out a new place that you know is “foodie accredited?” This week, we’re featuring some of “Britt’s Best Bites’” favorite coastal locations that are an absolute must to add to your restaurant bucket list. If you are in any of the following areas, be sure to give these restaurants a try (you won’t regret it!):

South Shore: 3Brothers Grill Bar and Restaurant in Hanover, MA

Pick up some delicious curbside takeout from 3Brothers Grill Bar and Restaurant, which is known for its outstanding food and great environment. Some of their most popular items include Brother Lamb Lollipops, Grilled Fresh Salmon as well as Shrimp Scampi. 

Cape Cod & Islands: Pickle Jar Kitchen in Falmouth, MA

If you are looking for a new hot spot for breakfast, look no further than Pickle Jar Kitchen, which is a bright, welcoming café that serves your favorite comfort breakfast foods, lunches and brunch drinks. Pickle Jar Kitchen lives in a historic building with a great ambiance! 

South Coast: Kool-Kone in Wareham, MA

Everyone loves a good seafood and ice cream shop, and Kool-Kone is your go-to! Located in Wareham, MA, Kool-Kone is known for their outstanding seafood plates, great fried chicken and wide variety of ice cream flavor choices. This is a great hangout spot for you to spend time with family and friends!

West Bay & South County: B&B Dockside in Westerly, RI

Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty breakfast or a unique, scrumptious burger, B&B Dockside has all of the meal options you need. B&B Dockside has a warm, cozy vibe as well as bar seats and an environment that you will want to be in every single day! Not to mention – amazing views. 

East Bay & Aquidneck Island: Trafford Restaurant in Warren, RI

Enjoy beautiful waterfront views with fresh food made out of extremely fresh ingredients! You can dine in upstairs or downstairs depending on what vibe you are looking for and can sit back and relax on their outdoor patio with an open-air bar. Trafford is elegant, beautiful and serves food that you won’t forget.