It’s 2020! You may be looking for some new, fresh ways to spruce up your home. Regardless of whether you live by the water, or simply dream of living by the water, we have pulled together some of our favorite coastal decorations that can be found throughout New England. Check out this week’s picks here:

South Shore: Mono Mono Boutique’s Northern Shores Pint Glass in Marshfield, MA

How cute is this pint glass?! Purchase one or purchase a few so you have a full set – this pint glass is the perfect dedication to your love for the Massachusetts area, focusing on waterfront areas. This is also a great glass to have if you have young children, as it will help them learn the lay of the land! 

Cape Cod & Islands: Little Anchor Boutique’s Mermaid Bottle Opener in Falmouth, MA

This bottle opener is the perfect piece of home décor for anyone who loves the ocean and water so much that they wish they were a mermaid (very relatable). It is super cute, really neutral and perfect to put in your kitchen or perhaps outside on your deck! 

South Coast: Christmas Tree Shop’s Pets on the Beach Pet Owner Framed Wall Art in Dartmouth, MA

For all of you pet owners – dog owners, specifically – this is a must have! It is available in a variety of different designs and is an adorable photo to hang anywhere in your home. After all, who doesn’t want to reminisce on spending time at the beach with their favorite pet?

West Bay & South County: Frog & Toad East’s Whale Egg Slicer in Providence, RI

How cute is this egg slicer, in the shape of a whale!? Lay your hard-boiled eggs in this egg slicer and let the whale do the rest of the work. This is such a cute kitchen accessory and is a great gift for anyone in your life who enjoys cooking!

East Bay & Aquidneck Island: Seashells in Bloom Coastal Décor’s Thorny Oyster in Newport, RI

If you are looking for a unique shell of some sort to display on any of your flat surfaces within your home, check out this thorny oyster which is absolutely beautiful! This would make for a great table piece in your kitchen, on a bedroom bureau or even as some décor in your bathroom.