Did you know that spray foam insulation can be just as valuable during the warmer months as in the cooler ones? Many homeowners associate insulation with protection from the cold. However, spray foam is just as useful—if not more so—during the warm months. Keep reading to discover why spray foam insulation is valuable in warm weather.

Insulation Helps Your Home Stay Cool

When insulation comes to mind, many homeowners may immediately think of protection from the cold during winter. However, spray foam insulation can be just as crucial during warmer seasons like spring and summer. Due to its excellent heat-resistant properties, spray foam insulation keeps warm air in during the winter and prevents warm air from seeping into your home in the summer. This helps optimize your air conditioning unit or HVAC system so that it doesn’t waste energy contending with hot air.

Certain Foams Help Block Moisture

If you live in an area with high moisture levels during warmer months, spray foam can come in handy. That’s because another notable thing about it is that it can help block moisture. Closed-cell spray foam insulation has both heat-resistant and moisture-resistant qualities, which makes it great for hot climates with high humidity levels. This is why it’s so beneficial to know the different types of spray foam insulation and when to use them for these cases.

Spray Foam Offers Allergen Control

Spring and summer can see higher levels of allergens. Many homeowners might not know that spray foam insulation provides effective allergen control and protection. Due to the airtight seal that professional spray foam installation creates, it becomes more difficult for allergens to pass through this barrier in areas where your home has received insulation. Using spray foam with an effective ventilation system will help keep your indoor air clear of allergens.

We hope this quick look into spray foam benefits has helped explain why spray foam insulation is valuable in warm weather. Whether you live in a warm climate or a cool one, spray foam insulation can benefit you.