Spring has arrived and it is time to get outside and get active. Getting up and doing a little bit of exercise everyday will not only benefit your physical health but your mental health as well. Therefore, all it takes is a small amount of time from your day to boost your overall health! Whether that exercise be a walk around the block or a bike ride around town, any amount of exercise will uplift your spirit and well-being. Below, are just a few ways to feel healthy and accomplished this spring!

Set goals

Setting goals is an amazing way to hold yourself accountable. Help yourself achieve those warm-weather goals by starting out small. Once you become successful, then add on to these goals to challenge yourself. Create a plan for how you will accomplish these goals and how you will be successful. For example, start out by saying, “I will walk around the block once every day after work”. Once you become successful with that, add on by saying, “I will walk around the block twice every day after work”. Make sure to hold yourself accountable and keep track of your progress!

Consistency is Key

Consistency is key to feeling accomplished this spring. When you set a goal for yourself, stay consistent. One day off may lead to two days off, then three, and so on. When you stay consistent, it becomes regular and not something you have to force yourself to do every day. This will also help you build off of your initial goals and make larger goals seem more achievable.

Find a Friend

Do you have trouble holding yourself accountable? Find a friend! Whether a trainer, workout buddy, or just someone to help track your progress, having someone else to help you reach your goals can be extremely effective. Make those workouts fun with a little competition. Challenge your friends to see who can stay the most consistent with their workouts. When you and a friend are trying to achieve the same goal, working out together can allow you to reach your goals as well as a daily chance to spend time together.

No matter what your goals are this spring, make sure to get outside, enjoy the beautiful weather, stay active, and most importantly stay healthy! Good luck!