Renewable energy is an excellent way to generate power for your home without the stress of high electricity bills. These natural sources have increased in popularity over the years because of their ability to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Read on to discover the top types of renewable energy to consider.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is among the most popular sources of renewable energy for homes. It is also advantageous because of its accessibility and lasting effects. Although the initial cost can be high, solar panels pay for themselves and are becoming less expensive. Additionally, you can use solar water heating and air conditioning to reduce electricity use. This is a powerful energy source because it saves you money and will not deplete.


Hydropower is a less common source of renewable energy, but it is still worth mentioning. If you live by water, you can easily transport it into a generator that will then power your home. This is also a constant energy source that will save you money.

Wind Turbines

Turbines are more prevalent on wind farms, but if zoning laws don’t apply to you, you may benefit from this type of renewable energy. Wind energy is more efficient than solar and as efficient as hydropower. It is among the top types of renewable energy to consider because of how easily wind turbines generate power compared to solar energy.


Biomass consists of energy from animals and plants, and people heavily relied on it until the mid-1800s. It includes wood, paper, crop residue, and manure from livestock. Direct combustion and thermochemical conversion are the most common ways to convert biomass to energy. Using firewood to heat your home is the most common example of using biomass energy.

Whichever source of renewable energy you decide to use for your home, take solace in knowing all of these are fantastic ways to save money and help the environment. Plus, you’ll rarely have to worry about power outages and can use one or more of these as a backup energy source.