Are you building a house or gearing up to renovate a home? Or perhaps you just need to fix a few things around your home. Whatever the case, you may need a specialized contractor to get the job done correctly. Read on to explore the types of contractors and which is best for your project.

General Contractor

A general contractor is the manager of any renovation or building project. They’re in charge of hiring all the specialists and suppliers needed to complete the project.


The wood masters of any building project, carpenters specialize in cabinetmaking, crown molding, and framework. You’ll often find that general contractors double as carpenters, since most renovation projects involve a fair bit of wood.


When something goes wrong with your heating and air conditioning system, it always seems to happen the moment you need it the most. Ventilation, air conditioning, and heating contractors specialize in repairing, maintaining, and installing everything from furnace ductwork to air conditioning units.


Unless you live off the grid, you’re going to need an electrician for any electrical issues in your house. There are specialized categories for electrical contractors that can work on fire alarm systems, sound equipment, and cable TV. Consider quality, reliability, and safety when choosing an electrical contractor.


This contractor is pretty self explanatory. If you need cabinets, walls, doors, or trim painted, you’ll hire a painter to come out and paint it right the first time. Some homeowners opt to do this step themselves, but others find it easier to hire a professional .


Chances are, you’ll need a roofer at some point in homeownership. A roofer will fix any damaged shingles and or put on a brand-new roof, if necessary. Some roofers can even improve gutters as well. Typically, your general contractor will hire a roofer if that’s what your project needs.

Concrete Specialist

Finally, a concrete specialist will lay concrete foundations for new homes, pour concrete countertops, and add concrete driveways or pathways. Hire a professional concrete specialist to ensure the job is done correctly.

Refer back to these types of contractors and which is best for your project to ensure you’re hiring the correct contractor. Depending on the project, you may need to hire more than one type