The Halloween parties and festivities are behind us and November is a time each year we set our sights on the three largest celebrated holidays of the year: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. The decorating challenge for us all is making our home flow easily from one to another because the reality is, all three of these major holidays happen in just 35 days. So, if you think there is plenty of time, well you are wrong unless you have the resources to hire a professional design and Décor staff to do it for you. Seriously that would be great, but realistically for most of us it is a time to begin the process with a clear and concise plan.


First and foremost, if you are planning to buy new furniture, flooring, appliances, making kitchen upgrades such as counters, cabinets or any major improvements then it is imperative to get all of this completed by mid-November, at the latest. This will allow you enough time to get acclimated and organized, especially with new cooking and baking systems that often take some time to become familiar with. If the holidays are the only time of the year you will be sitting a large number at the table, you may want to opt for tables that offer one or two expansion options, offering flexibility and smart design for the rest of the year.


Home decorating is an art and an individual expression of our own preferences and personal taste. There are some simple rules to follow that will make the transition from one holiday to another flow smoothly. Not everyone decorates their house for Thanksgiving, probably because they don’t want to decorate the house twice within a one-month period. So, the key to making your holiday decor work for you is finding pieces that are appropriate for all the occasions you’re celebrating. Find items that feel seasonal and festive without letting one holiday outshine the other. Greenery, color, and texture together can create a very festive feel, especially with simple white strings of lights in your indoor trees and plants. Colored throws, rugs, welcome mats and bath accents can totally transform a home for any holiday. A glass bowl filled with bright colored leaves for thanksgiving is perfect and can easily be transformed into a beautiful Christmas piece with pine branches, cones, and ribbon. Wreaths, wall and door decorations are easily changed from one holiday to another.


The most important thing is your theme and design need to come together. There are lots of traditions when it comes to the holidays and each of us embraces our own favorites. Some are all about multiple colors in decorations, lighting, and overall décor. Others prefer simple traditional designs with one or two colors in holiday lighting and design. White lighting with simple accents allows for a very easy transition from one holiday to another and maintains a very contemporary seasonal message that is truly expressive and welcoming to guests. The important part of decorating your home is that it’s all about you, so make it expressive and as indulgent as you wish; it is meant to be fun and a part of the holiday celebration.


A new trend which has grown rapidly over the last 10 years is being environmentally responsible and reducing waste and impact on our planet. Instead of cutting trees many are opting for live Christmas trees in their homes that can be replanted after the holiday. Others are choosing both pines and many other types of trees currently on their property to decorate for the holiday and use wreaths or small living trees in the home as a holiday centerpiece. Instead of cut pine wreaths, there are endless options to transform dried vine wreaths into beautifully decorated holiday pieces that are used all year long. Eliminating both artificial trees and millions of cut Christmas trees each year can have a significant impact on the massive amount of waste and resources used to provide these products. A favorite holiday image is the Christmas decorated palm tree in the tropics.


The holidays are a time for family, celebration and thanks. Remember to reach out and share with others; a gift of your time may be the most treasured gift of all. It is a time to open our hearts, our doors and add a seat at our table for another. The true spirit of the holidays will always be an appreciation for all that life has bestowed upon us and our families. Bring that celebration to others who may not be as fortunate as we are. Every time we give, we receive tenfold in return and get blessed by the real spirit and true meaning of the holidays.