Approximately 84 percent of U.S. adults were expected to celebrate Mother’s Day last year, according to the National Retail Federation. They reported holiday-specific spending had reached a record high at an estimated $31.7 billion, which represented a $3.6 billion increase over record spending from the year prior.

With so many retailers vying for those precious consumer dollars, it can be difficult to sort through the litany of options that’ll help us duly demonstrate adoration for the moms in our lives.

Here’s a curated Mother’s Day collection of ideas well-suited for the special women in your life.

*****  CLASSICS  *****

Note cards for Mother's Day gifting

Luxury Beverly Hills Flat Note Card Collection from The Stationery Studio (

Nothing says thoughtfulness for Mother’s Day like a customized gift. With The Stationery Studio’s Luxury Beverly Hills Flat Note Card Collection, you can present mom with an elegant set of 100 personalized note cards that offer luxury and style in one beautifully packaged box.

The collection is set on heavyweight stock and features raised ink and printed, lined envelopes to complete the set. Customers can select the stock, ink color and lining design to bring their unique present to life.

Since 1994, The Stationery Studio has been delivering flawless craftsmanship, attention to detail and impeccable style to its customers with its selection of personalized gifts, stationery, invitations and more. It became one of the first online personalized gift and stationery companies in the country soon after launching.

The premier brand is a one-stop shop for those seeking chic and unique products, and touts a team of experienced, in-house customer service professionals equipped to give each personalized order the attention and quality care it deserves.

In addition, the company has won numerous distinguished honors and industry awards and takes pride in supporting new designers who create personalized stationery, invitations, party accents and custom gifts.

KADOO’s Curated Gift BoxesKADOO’s Curated Gift Boxes 2

KADOO’s Curated Gift Boxes (

Looking for the perfect gift of indulgence and relaxation for the dearest moms in your life? The Lavender Spa Curated Gift Box from KADOO is filled  with spa essentials to create the ultimate, at-home Mother’s Day experience they deserve.

Beautifully adorned with an optional dry flower bouquet, each carefully curated box features an exfoliating and heavenly scented lavender soap by Terre à Terre, along with organic, cruelty-free lavender bath salts by Whispering Willow.

This gift also comes with Lady Joseph’s delicious, artisanal-crafted caramel crunch cookies and a relaxing, satin sleep mask by Prep Obsessed for extra “me” time.

KADOO promotes reusability with its creations as well, and wraps each box with its eco-friendly Furoshiki French linen fabric, perfect for Mother’s Day gifting.

For those who prefer a touch of citrus, the company’s Orange Blossom Curated Gift Box is refreshing, relaxing and flavorful. This option features hand-picked cowslip Nordic herbal tea by Plük, nourishing Tea Tree Hand Soap by Whispering Willow and a Provence-inspired, lovely gardenia soap bar by Ton Savon.

The box also includes delectable orange creamed honey by Nate’s Nectar and crispy orange slices by Dardiman California Crisp as a tasty treat for mom (or anyone) to enjoy on Mother’s Day.

At KADOO, the female-founded company handpicks the best goodies for its gift boxes, whether it be delicacies, beauty and care products or accessories. The brand sources from local makers and women-run businesses because they know how to treat mind, body and soul in a luxurious and meaningful way. And, for every gift purchased, KADOO has partnered with One Tree Planted to plant one tree with every sale.

LOVELY DAY Aromatherapy Spa Box by Oasis Soul Scent Co. for Mother's Day
LOVELY DAY Aromatherapy Spa Box by Oasis Soul Scent Co. (

Help calm mom’s mind and uplift her spirits this Mother’s Day with the soothing scents of lavender and lemon in the LOVELY DAY Aromatherapy Spa Box from Oasis Soul Scent Co. Named after Bill Withers’ popular song, this set contains lavender and lemon essential oils and features shower steamers; an amber classics jar candle; and a room, body and linen spray.

The brand’s LOVELY DAY Aromatherapy Spa Box is a fitting present for an array of special occasions, including Mother’s Day, birthdays, bridal showers and bridal parties.

Oasis Soul Co. is a luxe candle, bath and body company whose products are inspired by soulful music. After all, a beautiful scent—like a favorite song—has the power to transport us to a more tranquil place, stir up treasured memories and set the scene for new ones.

All the company’s products are eco-friendly, handmade and formulated with essential oils. To further tantalize your senses, listen to the Oasis Soul Scent Co.’s signature Spotify playlist to complete the ambiance.

It’s the company’s hope that, when you light an Oasis Soul Scent Co. candle or use one of their handcrafted body products, that you’re instantly carried away from the pressures of the outside world and into your own private oasis.

Urthy Scents’ Refresher Gift Set for Mother's Day
Urthy Scents’ Refresher Gift Set (

Crafted to pamper yourself, a loved one or a friend on Mother’s Day, Urthy Scents’ Refresher Gift Set offers the company’s swoony, phthalate-free scents in its signature 12-ounce Candle and Room Spray products—all bundled together in a carefully-boxed presentation.

Phthalates are synthetic compounds found in many household products. This compound is an endocrine disruptor, which interferes with the body’s hormonal balance. Urthy Scents’ hand-poured candles are made with a blend of plant-based coconut and vegetable wax. Each has a wood wick that creates a clean burn and a crackling ambiance.

The company’s Room Sprays are the perfect way to freshen up your space for any occasion, including Mother’s Day. Just a few spritzes is all it takes to give your home a boost—perfect to use before company arrives, as part of your morning wake-up routine or any time at all.

Founded by two sisters, this family-forward business started Urthy Scents in an effort to enable both themselves and others living with an autoimmune disease to be able to surround themselves with beautiful scents.

Urthy Scents specializes in creating a vast collection of natural-smelling home, bath and body products that are clean, toxin-free, contain zero phthalates and are developed using pure essentials from around the world.
Rainy Day Boxes Gift Sets for Mother's DayRainy Day Boxes Gift Sets

Rainy Day Boxes Gift Sets (

Provide that ray of sunshine in someone’s darker days with Rainy Day Boxes. These special sets include four handpicked gifts paired with a thoughtful note intended to make the recipient feel supported and encouraged.

The “JUST BECAUSE: The Lite Box” contains four individually packaged gifts that promote self-care and encourage calm and soothing moments. This particular set includes a hand poured Soy Candle with fragrant notes of stone fruit, rose, and moss in a 2.5-ounce gold-colored tin; A handmade vanilla, orchid, and sandalwood Shea Butter Soap for washing away the day’s struggles; a Rose Quartz Heart to serve as a permanent reminder that you have her in your heart; and Sleeping Beauty Pillow Spray—an all-natural essential oil pillow spray to help bring peaceful sleep.

The Classic Box version also has a Rose Quartz Heart but otherwise includes Shower Steamers—four essential oil infused steamable shower cubes in lavender, lemongrass, mint, and eucalyptus; Gold Key Pendant hand-stamped with the word “power;” and an Hourglass with champagne-colored sand to serve as a visual reminder that she should take five minutes for herself.

Of course, they are a great self-care gift for Mother’s Day but also many occasions beyond when cheering up is in order. For the friend who wants to be a mother, is struggling with infertility or pregnancy loss, who has lost a child and is grieving or the friend who has lost their mother and acutely feels her absence on this day, these Rainy Day Boxes can provide the comfort words often cannot.

All of the gifts included in Rainy Day Boxes are sourced from artisans across the U.S. with an emphasis on female-run businesses.

*****  STYLE  *****

Single Birthstone Stack Ring from Scribe Jewelry for Mother's Day

Single Birthstone Stack Ring from Scribe Jewelry (

Share mom’s story with the Single Birthstone Stack Ring from Scribe Jewelry. This lovely 14-karat yellow gold petite stacking ring features your choice of symbolic gemstone, birthstone or diamond—making the delicate piece a thoughtful, personalized gift for someone special on Mother’s Day. The new jewelry collection provides meaningful, wearable art that intricately tells each wearer’s unique story through the language of gemstones.

Drawing inspiration from sentimental Victorian aristocratic jewelry, Scribe Jewelry also employs an alphabetic language and uses the first letter of a gemstone to spell out words of affection or messages that are romantic, meaningful or deeply personal in its customizable medallions, rings, earrings or signature emblems.

The company’s intricate designs are influenced by details in European ironwork, antique architecture, nature’s beauty and other symbolic motifs. Items in the collection can be customized using the name or names of loved ones, or any other word you can imagine to create a one-of-a-kind piece from Scribe Jewelry’s extensive gemstone alphabet guide, which also explains the deeper meaning of each gem.


CIGA Design Series R Denmark Rose Watch for Mother's Day

CIGA Design Series R Denmark Rose Watch (

We all deserve to enjoy life’s beauty when we can, so why not give someone the gift of true beauty on Mother’s Day with the Series R Denmark Rose watch? Created by CIGA Design, this timeless and elegant timepiece is a fusion of Scandinavian minimalist design and oriental imagery that connotes the classic beauty of a Danish rose in a unique quartz material.

This edition not only showcases the company’s exquisite craftsmanship, but symbolizes good fortune through its layered, petal case. The Series R Denmark Rose’s face features a simple, curved outline of the flower shape, allowing the real mother of pearl to reflect light and highlight the characteristics of the quartz.

Since 2016, CIGA Design has been committed to redefining the aesthetics on peoples’ wrists with modern, mechanical art. Designer Zhang Jianmin hopes to reconstruct the spiritual expression and attitude around wristwatches by crafting pieces that are “reasonable, but unexpected” and are specifically geared to a new generation of watch-wearers.

Maison Miru’s Infinite Necklace for Mother's DayMaison Miru’s classic Infinite Ear Cuff for Mother's day

Jewelry from Maison Miru (

Introduce the mother figures in your life to a timeless necklace that will change with them.

Crafted from recycled stainless steel, Maison Miru’s Infinite Necklace is designed for all of life’s adventures—big and small . The genderless piece features the company’s signature O-ring connector loops, which allow the wearer to remix and rearrange the item to suit their routine.

You can style each individual chain separately, layer them together or wear them long, opera-style. She can also transform this necklace into a wrapped bracelet. The Infinite Necklace is tarnish-proof and available in both gold and silver.

To bring a touch of sparkle to another part of the body, Maison Miru’s classic Infinite Ear Cuff features split rows of crystals—equal parts glamorous and graceful. The delicate piece is easily slipped on the narrowest part of the ear and slides to adjust, without any piercing required. The Infinite Ear Cuff plays well with others and measures 7-millimeters thick, 15-millimeters wide and 11-millimeters tall.

Maison Miru was created as a line of infinitely remixable jewelry with pieces that can be combined and rearranged. In native Japanese, “miru” is evocative of sights and is a reminder to see the world in a new way. The jewelry brand invites customers to play with their jewelry, unlock their creative spirit and be free to live the life they’ve always dreamed.

Solstice Threader Hoops for Mother's DayAnkole Trays for Mother's DayAnkole Bowl

PURPOSE Jewelry and Home Goods (

Unique, handmade products are always an ideal gift for Mother’s Day but, when the mission behind the result is just as beautiful, that’s when you know you have something special. That’s the case with PURPOSE Jewelry as every item purchased from PURPOSE is sustainably crafted by women and girls escaping human trafficking. Fully 100 percent of proceeds going to the company’s non-profit, International Sanctuary, to provide each artisan with fair wages, education and holistic care. And the pieces are lovely.

For example, the brand’s best-selling Solstice Threader Hoops are beautifully curved in crescent shapes with shimming brass or silver-plated brass, which is hand-hammered for texture and finished for shine.

For the home, the brand’s pure Ankole Trays are a new creation developed by PURPOSE Jewelry artisan and collaborator, Joseph, and the brand’s talented jewelry makers. These decorative trays showcase the natural beauty and color variation of the Ankole horns, which are an important part of food and tradition in various parts of Uganda. The animal’s horns are typically discarded as waste, unless recycled into beautiful, handcrafted goods.

The pure Ankole Bowl is a corresponding décor product that is one-of-a-kind and unique in its variation. Customers can choose between the regular, 7-inch bowl or the large, 8-inch bowl.

PURPOSE Jewelry’s Ankole products are untreated with chemicals or sealants, making them eco-friendly and biodegradable. But as a soft material, the trays can absorb water so it’s important customers follow its care instructions to keep their item in good condition.

Moonglow necklace for Mother's DayMoonglow jewelry for Mother's Day

Moonglow Personalized Jewelry (

Light up mom’s life on Mother’s Day with the moments that matter to them most—in jewelry form.

Moonglow’s Mini Usambara in Gold, for instance, allows the wearer to feel the energetic effects of a trio of moons that beautifully represent a personal story wrapped in the luxury of gold. Part of the brand’s Golden Memories collection, this necklace features an awe-inspiring pendant that suspends three mini moon charms, customized with your own special dates, on a matching slim chain. It’s designed to highlight personal moments that matter to you, her or whoever is wearing the stunning piece.

Moonglow’s Cosmic Spiral Ring in Rhodium takes the classic version of this design to sparkly new heights with an added Swarovski crystal and a 10-millimeter personalized constellation image. The ring’s moon image is captured delicately, adding a dreamy vibe to any look, while the spiral represents the paths that life takes and how our destinies cross. Moonglow designed the adjustable Cosmic Spiral Ring for those looking for a path to their future, and serves as a reminder to keep moving forward and seek new experiences—no matter how uncertain they seem.

The jewelry brand got its start with the unique idea of connecting people with their most important memories, events and moments using the moon phase of their most important date. It can be a wedding anniversary, birthday, Mother’s Day, the birth of a child, the end of a relationship or the start of a new adventure—the possibilities are endless.

Versace Sunglasses from Sunglass Hut

Versace Sunglasses from Sunglass Hut (

For the moms who admire timeless luxury, sunglasses with classic frames are a great gift for Mother’s Day. With bold and classic shapes, Sunglass Hut’s VE4437 Versace Sunglasses are a fave, as they evoke glamor and confidence. They’re a perfect accessory to transition into summer.

Store insiders say this chic, bold and trendy design is perfect for the wearer who likes to stand out. Whether she likes to add a bit of flare with a chain, go a bit edgier with an angular cat-eye or make a statement with an oversized runway shape, Sunglass Hut’s various Versace options are sure to keep the mother in your life stylish, not just on Mother’s Day, but all year long.

Find the pair that works best for you and choose from a selection of frame and lens options, including black with polar grey gradient, Havana with dark brown, transparent honey with light yellow gradient ochre and Bordeaux with polar dark grey.

The premier brand is distinguished by its strength of character, innovative use of new and unexpected materials and varying styles of inspiration and performance.

The Versace sunglass collection is an elegantly designed line of distinctive eyewear available in unisex designs for those who choose to express their strength, confidence and uniqueness through a bold and distinctive personal style.

Papillon Sunglasses with Pink Lenses from L’Écurie Paris for Mother's Day 2023

Papillon Sunglasses with Pink Lenses from L’Écurie Paris (

For the mom who always looks her best and appreciates the finer things in life, L’Écurie Paris exudes the timeless elegance of Parisian design through its Papillon Sunglasses with pink lenses.

Inspired by a woman’s seductive shape and beauty, the Papillon sunglasses—named “butterfly” in French—are cut into a nude butterfly shape with no outside frame for an airless feel, making them a stunning Mother’s Day gift.

The trendy shades feature 100 percent UVA and UVB protection with interior, anti-reflection treatment, and are made of ultra-lightweight titanium finished in 18-karat gold.

Founded by French designer, Lionel Moroy, L’Écurie Paris is a new luxury eyewear brand inspired by the wonders of Parisian art, fashion, architecture and decorative motifs. The company offers a modern classic design to elevate your unique look.

The premier collection features six styles—each hand-made with unparalleled craftsmanship in Italy and Japan from the highest quality grade of materials, including premium cellulose acetate, an 18-karat gold or 14-karat white gold finish and Zeiss sun lenses. Even more, you can keep your pink-lens sunnies in tip-top shape with L’Écurie Paris’s velvet case package, certification card and cleaning cloth.

Swimwear by Sauipe Swim for Mother's DaySwimwear by Sauipe Swim

Swimwear by Sauipe Swim (

What’s better than a getaway, then a getaway in style? Send mom into summer this Mother’s Day looking sharp with Sauipe Swim’s timeless take on swimwear.

The brand’s Jenna Low Rise Bikini Bottom in blush velvet is an ideal mix of classic style with a modern twist, and features a luxurious fabric that is buttery on the skin and creates a delicate sheen. Great for swimming or laying down by the pool, the Jenna Low Rise Bikini Bottom offers great coverage on the back and a low-rise cut for a perfect tan. Even more, its impeccable fit makes this piece a favorite summer staple that will last for many seasons to come.

Pair it with Sauipe Swim’s Serena Velvet One Shoulder Bikini Top also in blush velvet. It offers the same soft, swim-grade velour fabric and supportive coverage. Its one-shoulder design can even double as a crop top when paired with shorts, skirts or pants. With the Serena Bikini Top’s versatility, you can transition from daytime pool activities to evening cocktails with ease.

But, no seaside look is complete without a chic cover-up to polish off the ensemble. The swimwear company’s white Lydia Buttoned Shirt Beach Cover-up is made from a delicate and breathable fabric that will keep you comfortable on even the hottest of days. With its button-up style and long sleeves that can be folded and secured, this garment is adaptable and easy to wear. Not only does Lydia look great over a swimsuit, but it can also be styled with tops and shorts to create the ultimate summer look. And, with its front pockets, you’ll have a convenient place to stash your essentials while out and about.

Reprise’s Cypress Legging for Mother's Day

Reprise’s Cypress Legging (

Help mom’s skin breathe this Mother’s Day with the softest, on-the-go activewear from Reprise. The brand’s Cypress Legging is incredibly soft, stretchy and, most importantly, designed for comfort.

The high-rise style of the leggings are a remake of Reprise’s classic Aspen Leggings, with an ankle zipper up the front that can be worn zipped or unzipped for a fun, flared look. Wearers can expect complete modesty while sporting these opaque, ankle-length bottoms as well.

But, what’s most unique about the Cypress Legging is its DNA. These leggings are composed of seven percent Spandex and 93 percent TENCEL Lyocell, which is produced from natural raw-wood material. Instead of plastic bottles, Reprise is dedicated to using tree-based fabric that’s grown in a clean and regenerative way.

The company was built on the core belief that a reprise—or a repeated practice—can achieve massive things for your wellbeing and that of the planet. A philosophy that begins by becoming mindful of the things we absorb through our mind and body.

Reprise is reportedly one of the only brands creating leggings without plastic fabrics because it believes that, to be the best versions of ourselves, we have to be surrounded by the best materials—ones that allow us to breathe, think and move freely the way Reprise’s plant-based, sustainable activewear aims to do.

Korsa FieldTech Run Dry Jacket from Road Runner Sports

Korsa FieldTech Run Dry Jacket from Road Runner Sports (

It may be spring, but we’re not completely safe from the chilly, rainy and windy weather just yet. Keep mom cozy this Mother’s Day with the durable, lightweight and weather-resistant Korsa FieldTech Run Dry Jacket developed by Road Runner Sports.

This mid-weight jacket shields wearers against whatever the weather throws their way. It features a critically seam-sealed design, so you can focus on your run rather than the rain. Plus, the jacket’s hidden, stowable hood can be folded up behind the collar and easily deployed when wet weather hits.

Road Runner Sports also included strategic back ventilation in its Korsa FieldTech Run Dry Jacket that keeps you from overheating, without compromising total protection. This from a company that clearly knows what matters most to active customers when selecting outerwear. This includes adding a bungee elastic at the jacket’s hem and sleeves to keep it in place through every stride; and reflecting print on its center front and pocket zippers to keep you visible in low light.

Every Korsa apparel item undergoes rigorous research and development by a team of running experts, from the trail to the track. If it can’t withstand the test, it doesn’t get made. The Korsa FieldTech Run Dry Jacket is part of Road Runner Sports’ in-house apparel collection and is available in black and prism colors.

Infinity Footwear Premium DART Shoes by Medical Scrubs Collection’s
Infinity Footwear Premium DART Shoes by Medical Scrubs Collection’s (

For your favorite mom on-the-go, optimal footwear this Mother’s Day is a must. That’s where Infinity Footwear Premium DART Shoes from Medical Scrubs Collection come in.

These lightweight women’s shoes are slip-resistant and feature an EVA midsole for all-day comfort. Their design also includes arch support (much needed for long walks), heel cupping and a mesh upper that enhances circulation. Even more, the antimicrobial-treated lining also reduces odor for those long stretches on your feet.

The Infinity Footwear Premium DART shoes feature a 1 and 1/4-inch heel and are available in nearly 20 different colors to meet wearers’ needs.

Medical Scrubs Collection strives to offer customers their favorite scrubs at the lowest prices on the web. The company’s sales reps are dedicated to guiding customers to find the perfect nursing uniform that suits their needs and taste.

Sandal Footwear from SanukSandal Footwear from Sanuk for Mother's Day

Sandal Footwear from Sanuk (

Want to raise your mom’s sling shoe game to new heights? The lightweight Sanuk Sling ST Midform sandals offer cushiony slabs of BLOOM x Soft Top foam and soft, two-way stretch knit straps that are sure to keep her feet happy this summer.

Its high rebound footbeds feature 20 percent BLOOM foam made with repurposed algae, while the brand’s REPREVE material features 40 percent ocean-recycled polyester made from ocean-bound plastics. The Sling ST Midform sandal also contains the super comfy EVA foam midsole, and are part of the company’s 100 percent GRS Certified RPET Sanuk Flag Woven Label.

Sanuk’s Cosmic Yoga Joy Braid LX sandals bring a new class of celestial comfort to wearers with their supple and real yoga mat foam. Aligning the union of firm-yet-cushiony, supportive midsoles, they are made with 20 percent certified organic soybean polyol. The anatomically contoured footbeds are covered with soft, responsibly sourced leather.

Other notable details include grippy, ribbed rubber outsoles constructed with 50 percent pre-consumer recycled rubber, leather lining and a stylish, braided leather strap. The Cosmic Yoga Joy Braid LX sandal is also 100 percent GRS Certified RPET Sanuk Flag Woven Label.

All of these impressive specs correspond with Sanuk’s mission to help and support its consumers, employees, communities and the environment. In fact, part of this commitment includes incorporating 50 percent more certified, responsible and sustainable materials into its products while reducing waste, water and energy use in all of its processes.

Ponyback Hat Collection from Ponyback
Ponyback Hat Collection from Ponyback (

Cater to mom’s personal style this year with Ponyback Hats—the viral TikTok ponytail hat brand. This accessory offers a moisture-wicking, magnetic back-opening design that provide flexibility for any up or down hairstyle.

With a wide array of baseball cap fits, Ponyback is committed to bringing high-quality, fashionable and functional hats to the market that will forever transform how women feel about headwear.

It’s style lineup inlcudes the Adventure Fit Ponyback cap, which is made with a very durable recycled polyester that withstands strong UV rays and loads of outdoor time. It’s also moisture-wicking, easy to clean and can function as your go-to hat for all your travel and adventures. The structured front also provides a clean shape.

For comfy and casual wearers, the Everyday Fit features a soft cotton that is great for non-intensive activities. Perfect for errands, casual walks and just relaxing, this Ponyback option comes in various colors to best match your wardrobe.

The brand’s Sporty Fit hat, however, is specially designed for when you’re on the move and is made with a durable, moisture-wicking recycled polyester to handle any type of workout. Its design doesn’t include the front structure to the hat, which makes this fit easy to clean and compact enough to conveniently slip into a gym bag or purse.

And, for the cooler seasons, the Ponyback Beanie Fit takes the same great magnetic design to your winter style—allowing wearers to rock an up-do or completely down like a standard winter beanie. Plus, Ponyback is the only hat brand on the market that offers seven different sizes, ranging from small and medium youth sizes to extra and extra, extra large for adults.

Real Essentials Super-Soft Women’s Pajama Set

Real Essentials Super-Soft Women’s Pajama Set (

Real Essentials a brand known to have comfy loungewear and activewear items for the whole family that are stylish, yet super comfortable. Even Mario Lopez, their first brand ambassador, sports the looks.

For Mother’s Day, I particularly like the company’s Women’s Super-Soft Pajama Set available with either short and long sleeves and a variety of colors and solid or printed fabrics. This lightweight pajama set is made of soft, breathable and skin-friendly fabric to help you have a sound sleep.

These soft and relaxed women’s pajamas are great for lounging around the house and cozy sleeping in any season. They are made of a 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex fabric blend that has a soft and silky feel.

The PJ long bottom features a drawstring waist to make relaxing as comfortable as possible. And, these pajama sets are available in both regular and plus sizing. I also love that you can mix and match the various looks to expand your sleepwear wardrobe exponentially.

Over 15,500 Amazon ratings have given them a 4.4 out of 5-star review!

*****  GADGETS  *****

AIRROBO’s T10+ Robot Vacuum and Mop for Mother's Day

AIRROBO’s T10+ Robot Vacuum and Mop (

When it comes to sweeping, vacuuming and mopping the floor on a daily basis, a multi-functional robot is exactly what you or the mother in your life needs this year. AIRROBO’s T10+ Robot Vacuum and Mop is able to switch between vacuuming and mopping modes seamlessly and intelligently. And, the best part? It’s hands-free for 45 days.

The device features a 3.3-liter, allergy-friendly disposable dust bag that stores dirt up to 45 days before you have to manually toss it and an automatic dirt disposal charging base, which empties the dustbin at 26,000-pascal suction level with more than 98 percent efficiency.

The T10+‘s All-In-One Floor Cleaning Solution is equipped with a two-in-one electric control water tank so you have less spare parts to maintain and utilizes the upgraded USLAM 5.0 Algorithm to process data, localize itself and respond to a complex environment simultaneously. Meanwhile, the dampness of the robot’s highly absorbable mop cloth is sufficient, even and totally adjustable, providing a smooth and precise cleaning experience of up to 250 minutes from a single charge.

This cleaning device also brings you closer to a futuristic, smart-home lifestyle and easily integrates into your home’s eco-system with Alexa and Google Assistant. She can also take advantage of the feature-packed Tuya Smart app when using her T10+, which allows users to schedule cleaning sessions seven days in advance, set up restricted areas, select suction level and enjoy many user-friendly functions from one platform.

This is a Mother’s Day gift benefitting mom with less chores, more snores and lots of relaxation in the days ahead.


Advanced Hair-Styling Curling Iron & Blow Dryer by The Beachwaver Co.

Mother's Day gifts from Beachwaver

Advanced Hair-Styling Curling Iron & Blow Dryer by The Beachwaver Co. (

Create glamorous, bombshell waves with just a touch of a button using the Beachwaver Pro 1 Dual Voltage Rotating Curling Iron. This patented, professional hair tool is an innovative, rotating curling iron invented by celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa. It rotates in both directions to achieve perfect beach waves.

The one-inch Beachwaver Pro 1 barrel features a protective ceramic rod, beveled patented design, customized clamp to reduce kinks and a “go” button to automatically rotate the curling iron from left to right depending on the side you’re curling.

Other device highlights include customized, full-length internal heaters, 360-degree swivel cord and a nine-foot heavy-duty cord, LED digital temperature screen and an ergonomic handle. For quick touch-ups, the Beachwaver Pro 1 heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 seconds and has an automatic shut-off function after 30 minutes of use for user safety.

The company’s four-in-one Blow Brush Dryer set is also amazing. It includes four attachments with nylon bristles for a versatile hairstyling experience. It’s ergonomic design also facilitates comfortable use. Its oval nozzle is great for pre-styling your hair by diffusing air in a gentle flow, while the round diffuser simulates a natural drying process but minimizes frizz while defining curls.

The brand suggests utilizing the round brush’s ceramic barrel attachment to smooth the hair while drying for a shiny, blow-out finish. For a smooth, frizz-free look, the tool’s soft smoothing brush straightens while drying and tames those pesky flyaways. Users can customize their Blow Brush Dryer’s settings for hair type and texture with its three heat levels and two speed settings. It’s also powered by ionic technology to reduce frizz and static for a healthy, shiny appearance.

Silk’n’s Titan AllWays Wrinkle Reduction and Skin Tightening Device

Silk’n’s Titan AllWays Wrinkle Reduction and Skin Tightening Device (

Is mom always on the lookout for key products offering anti-aging treatments? Snag the Titan AllWays Wrinkle Reduction and Skin Tightening Device from Silk’n for her this Mother’s day.

This anti-aging tool reduces wrinkles and crow’s feet, restores collagen and elastin fiber and lifts the facial contours without surgery—all while building volume, tightening skin and improving skin structure and elasticity. The result is smoother and younger-looking, glowing skin.

Thanks to its wireless operation, she can use the Titan AllWays whenever and wherever she wants to blur superficial sun and age spots.

Silk’n utilizes Home Tightening technology, which combines three energy sources for more efficiency: Bipolar radiofrequency energy; LED light energy; and infrared heat energy. This combination ensures that the collagen and elastin fibers in the skin contract and are reconstructed, so it can repair itself from the inside out.

In a blind, independent review, before and one month after 20 fortnightly sessions, the results reportedly showed that 96 percent of participants had visibly fewer wrinkles with no adverse side effects. Plus, the thoroughly tested Titan AllWays is suitable for all skin types and tones, and can be safely used on the entire face and neck without any down recovery time.

SideTrak Select 23.8-inch Desktop Monitor

SideTrak Select 23.8-inch Desktop Monitor (

Bring any project to life with SideTrak’s Select 23.8-inch Desktop Monitor offering vibrant visual quality and simple connectivity. Formally known as the Vital, style meets function with SideTrak’s Select Desktop Monitor provides a sleek, edgeless design that allows you to instantly upgrade your old monitor, increase productivity and transform your workspace.

This second screen can even expand images seamlessly across multiple monitors for an immersive experience. This crisp, HD LED matte monitor boasts up to a 75-hertz refresh rate and Vertical Alignment panel, so you stay right in the action with realistic movement and dynamic, contrasting color, whether for work or play.

Even more, the Select 23.8-inch Desktop Monitor provides certified blue light protection that enhances your viewing comfort, so you can read, edit, plan and play for as long as you like without unnecessary eye strain or fatigue. After all, that’s all part of SideTrak’s mission: To enable people to enjoy a more convenient, productive and agile day through inspired technology innovations.

The device easily connects to any Mac, Windows or Chrome OS laptop or desktop computer.

iWALK LinkPod Pro Portable Charger for Mother's Day
iWALK LinkPod Pro Portable Charger (

If you are looking for a battery top-up while out and about, the iWALK LinkPod Pro is just the device you, or the busy mom in your life, has been waiting for. Weighing just 90 grams and measuring in roughly slightly larger than the size of a lipstick tube, it fits neatly into any bag and comes with a built-in connector, so there are no wires needed.

The LED display shows the remaining power, leaving the guessing game of whether you need a charge or not in the past. And, the iWALK LinkPod Pro’s 4800 milliampere hour-capacity is enough to fully charge your phone once, helping to increase your phone’s battery from 20 to 60 percent in just 30 minutes.

Its pass-through technology function even allows users to charge their iPhone or Android devices while simultaneously charging the power bank. And thanks to iWALK LinkPod Pro’s quick-speed charging, it only takes 1.5 hours to fully recharge the portable charger.

Owners not only receive the power bank with their purchase, but can also expect a USB-C cable, USB-C adapter, one-year warranty, manual and iWALK’s guaranteed friendly customer service to assist with any of additional needs.

One of the world’s leading mobile phone accessory companies, iWALK is committed to helping people use mobile phones more efficiently by providing extraordinary accessories and software.

Edifier’s MP100 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Mother's Day

Edifier’s MP100 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker (

Bring your favorite music to life with Edifier’s MP100 Plus portable Bluetooth speaker this Mother’s Day. Packed with big volume, better sound quality and a higher waterproof rating of IPX7, the MP100 Plus is the perfect partner for your adventures. Whether you’re into hiking, camping, kayaking or just chilling at the beach, this mini device is as lightweight as a smartphone and can be held in one hand thanks to its unique, sandwich-type design. It also comes with a strap for easy portability or hanging around.

The MP100 Plus’s built-in, lithium-ion polymer battery offers listeners nine hours of nonstop playback music—allowing owners to enjoy quality sound with its 43-millimeter driver. Compatible with Bluetooth 5.3, this portable speaker easily connects to your phone or other smart devices and can even last up to one meter under water for 30 minutes without experiencing damage. Plus, the dust-proof mesh fabric encasing the speaker is long-lasting and durable—making it perfect for any outdoor activity.

No phone handy? No problem. Edifier’s MP100 Plus also features a high-quality, built-in microphone and a one-touch button for taking incoming calls. It comes complete with a smart noise cancellation algorithm that ensures clear clarity and smooth communication.

SleepPhones Bluetooth Headband Headphones from AcousticSheep, LLC for Mother's Day
SleepPhones Bluetooth Headband Headphones from AcousticSheep, LLC (

Fall asleep faster and more deeply with AcousticSheep, LLC’s SleepPhones Effortless headband headphones. This popular model of the company’s effective sleep headphones features a soft headband that contains extremely thin speakers that are fully padded, without the need to stick anything into the ears. Thus, they are much more comfortable than other headphones on the market.

The SleepPhones Effortless headphones also provide an easy experience for the user—including a complete system for using and caring for the device. Its induction charging technology, for example, makes recharging the product a breeze through a specialized charging base, plug and power cord. Instead of having to connect a micro USB cord to charge the module, the user can simply place their SleepPhones Effortless headphones upon the charging unit where it will magnetically align and begin the wireless charging process.

This product is also Bluetooth-enabled, and offers hands-free listening of podcasts, audiobooks, music and apps.

CEO and company co-founder, Dr. Wei-Shin Lai, developed SleepPhones out of necessity—bulky headphones and earbuds were uncomfortable when listening to soothing music to catch quality Zs. And, since there weren’t any headphones specifically designed for sleeping on the market, she and her husband invented their own.

From hand-sewing and soldering the first 500 sets at their kitchen table to winning multiple regional and national awards, the couple has been pushing AcousticSheep, LLC to the forefront of the sleep industry for 16 years—ensuring people all over the world sleep and live better.

*****  AT HOME  *****

IRIS USA’s Cordless Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner for Mother's Day

IRIS USA’s Cordless Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner (

Simplify mom’s life this Mother’s Day with high-power cleaning, courtesy of the Cordless Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner from IRIS USA.

This lightweight, yet capable device has a wide cleaning path to pick up crumbs, dust, pet hair, dander and other debris. Its two-stage centrifugal separation system uses advanced cyclone suction to divide small and large particles, while maintaining suction power at a whopping 99 percent.

The Cordless Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner’s power head brush roller (a feature of the P model only) spins at up to 6,000 revolutions per minute and the main motor spins up to 60,000 revolutions per minute on the cleaner’s high mode—all showcasing a powerful cordless cleaning performance.

The rechargeable battery runs for 35 minutes on low power mode, or 15 minutes on high with a full charge, including full suction power the entire use. Plus, it’s easy-to-read indicator on the control panel shows how much battery is left, so you know how much cleaning time you have remaining. For a full recharge, the Cordless Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner requires just four hours.

Not only is this stick vacuum effective with most types of flooring, but it also has the capability of lying flat and can flex up to 90 degrees for an impressive reach. Swivel steering allows you to clean under beds and furniture with ease, while the removable middle extender tube provides more versatility. Simply attach the device’s included crevice tool to make it even easier to clean stairs, upholstery, cars, RVs, boats and more.

Midtown West’s Ginger Tea Artisanal Candles for Mother's DayMidtown West’s Pomegranate Lust Artisanal Candles For Mother's Day

Midtown West’s Artisanal Candles (

Transform mom’s living spaces this Mother’s Day with Midtown West’s collection of hand-crafted, artisanal candles.

Its 10-ounce Ginger Tea candle was made using sustainably sourced materials and hand-poured with care—reflecting the craftsmanship and commitment Midtown West clearly puts into the creation of all its products.

This candle’s scent is a luxurious blend of fresh floral notes and spicy ginger, evoking a sense of wellness, health and natural beauty. As you take a deep breath, the warmth and sharpness of the candle fills your senses—invigorating you from within. Whether seeking to unwind with a warm bath, curl up with a good book or create a cozy ambiance for an intimate gathering, the Ginger Tea candle is the perfect addition to you or your loved one’s home.

Another expertly crafted favorite, Midtown West’s 10-ounce Pomegranate Lust candle, features a rich and sweet fragrance that carries hints of patchouli and cinnamon. Each use elevates the ambiance of a home gathering or helps transport you and your guests to a world of mystery and intrigue, without the added pollution of a non-clean burn.

Even more, a portion of every Midtown West candle sale is donated to well-vetted charitable organizations—that way you can feel good about your purchase from the inside-out.

*****  TRAVEL  *****

Anthem4 All-Terrain Wagon Stroller from Gladly Family

Anthem4 All-Terrain Wagon Stroller from Gladly Family (

Tote your little ones in functional style with Gladly Family’s Anthem4 All-Terrain Wagon Stroller this Mother’s Day. Featuring an extra-large canopy, parent cup holder and interior mattress, you can wheel around up to four kids everywhere you go this summer. But don’t be fooled by its fashionable good looks. This cruiser is an all-terrain workhorse with rugged wheels and a sturdy frame.

Your Gladly Family wagon stroller will grow with your children as they get older, so it makes for a smart investment that was created to last. Some customers’ favorite features include sun, wind and rain protection; one-touch, easy-to-use brakes; a three-point safety harness for each seat; interior storage and removable basket; and an easy-to-fold build that’s ideal for standing or flat use.

Find the Anthem4 All-Terrain Wagon Stroller that fits your on-the-go-style by choosing from Neon Indigo, Sand & Sea and Electric Silver colors.

Gladly Family offers practical, thoughtfully designed and dependable products you can feel good about from chic wagon strollers, to easy-to-use travel cots. Gladly Family strives to make family life easier with high-quality, highly useful baby gear that looks smart and works great.

Derby Work Tote by Oughton for Mother's Day
Derby Work Tote by Oughton (

Mom can carry all of her necessities in style this season and beyond with the Derby Work Tote by Oughton. This generous bag is the perfect Mother’s Day present and blends uncompromising aesthetics, quality and functionality, making it a perfect travel companion.

From patented halter hardware to fancy bridle topstitching, the Derby Work Tote’s subtle equestrian details make it decidedly unique in the accessory marketplace—and will certainly help form an instant connection between riders or equestrian enthusiasts.

But, mom need not be a rider to enjoy this chic tote. Luxurious, 10-inch rolled Nappa leather handles cradle a full-zip top closure, while a handy outside pocket ensures easy access to your phone. The interior is fully lined with the brand’s exclusive Harold print and features a large zipper pocket, padded laptop sleeve and two slip pockets—all secured with a durable leather bottom.

Even more, the Derby Work Tote fits perfectly under the seat of airplanes, while its leather handles easily fit over your carry-on luggage handle so you can free up your hands for coffee as you hurry through the airport.

Designed by equestrians, this tote is made to withstand the rigors of everyday life at home or on the road. Since its founding, Oughton has expanded from a bespoke rolling bag to transport equestrian gear into a line of luxury leather and waxed canvas goods. The company aims to evoke sensibility, which is all but absent in a world consumed by flash and trends—that of long-lasting utility and timeless tradition.

*****  SELF-CARE  *****

The BALOOM Stretching Massager Mat

The BALOOM Stretching Massager Mat (

Here is a quick and easy way to upgrade your at-home massage experience. The BALOOM Stretching Massager is a premium, portable massage mat featuring 22 air chambers that expand and compress to provide a full body stretch, improve blood circulation and release muscle tension.

Its pre-programmed stretches emulate yoga sessions that enhance flexibility and mobility, while increasing inner balance and strength. In fact, the BALOOM Stretching Massager uses a safe method to improve blood and lymph flow, which is commonly found in high-end massage chairs.

The stretching mat is equipped with seven built-in programs intended to help the body energize, stretch, twist and flow, allowing users to customize each massage session to meet their current personal needs.

Plus, the BALOOM Stretching Massager’s cutting-edge design features multiple components, including a hand-held remote, added heat and adjustable shoulder and neck chambers to best fit the user’s frame. The synthetic leather, easy-to-clean mat is also ergonomic and can be placed on the bed, floor, chair or recliner for a rejuvenating 10- to 30-minute massage.

When done, the BALOOM Stretching Massager can be folded and easily stored—ready for the next session, wherever and whenever that may be. Treat the mom in your life to a relaxing gift that melts away stress, tension and fatigue with every use.

Manta Sleep Mask SOUND for Mother's Day
Manta Sleep Mask SOUND (

The Manta Sleep Mask SOUND gives you complete control over the two senses that have the biggest impact on your sleep: sight and sound. Designed for side-sleep comfort, the razor-thin Bluetooth headphones are nestled within a ventilated strap, while the C-shaped eye cups ensure zero eye or ear pressure and a perfect blackout seal without the bulk.

The result? Unmatched comfort as you or your loved one listen to the most soothing sounds.

Manta Sleep’s mission is empowering light sleepers to catch better Zs so they can do more—creating what the company’s dubbed “The most comfortable Bluetooth sleep mask in existence.”

This product is optimized for an uninterrupted and immersive audio experience that promotes deep sleep with 20-plus hour battery life—perfect for music, meditation or any sound you find relaxing.

Plus, the Manta Sleep Mask SOUND’s proprietary design was created with the wearer in mind and encourages maximum airflow engineered to keep you cool throughout the night.

Its personalized-for-your-face fit allows you to fine-tune every aspect of the mask—from the tightness of the head strap, to the position of the eye cups and the placement of the headphones—for a seamless, super-comfy fit that stays put all through the night.

You can easily wash the Manta Sleep Mask SOUND thanks to its unique, two-layer strap construction. Simply peel off the outer layer that houses the electronics and machine wash the inner layer. That way, you can focus on what matters most: getting better sleep.

Airbrush foundation for Mother's DayMy Color Foundation for Mother's Day

Airbrush and Color Self-Adjusting Foundation Makeup from Jerome Alexander (

An easy way to accentuate Mom’s natural beauty is with Jerome Alexander’s award-winning AirBrush Foundation. A fan-favorite since 2018, the microfine, mist diffusion gives users a silky smooth, runway-ready airbrushed look without the need for an expensive or bulky airbrush system.

The medium to full-coverage, buildable formula allows you to customize your coverage without ever looking cakey or streaky. It creates a natural-matte finish that feels as good as it looks.

Plus, the AirBrush Foundation is sweat and humidity-proof for all-day wear, and locks in moisture to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. But, the true power of this product is its formula. The AirBrush Foundation is paraben, phthalate and cruelty-free—making it a great choice for conscious consumers. This foundation also nourishes skin with powerful skincare active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, argireline and Matrixyl 3000.

The brand’s My Color Self-Adjusting Foundation is another game changer in the world of makeup. With its revolutionary encapsulated color microbead technology, this foundation applies white and instantly begins adjusting to your unique skin tone. The complete transformation to your perfect shade happens within 10 to 15 minutes—giving you a natural-looking finish that matches your skin tone perfectly.

It’s a buildable, light-to-medium-coverage foundation that has a 100 percent color match guarantee and provides a beautiful, matte finish that blurs pores, fine lines and minor imperfections without caking or streaking. And, the My Color Self Adjusting Foundation contains the same proprietary blend of skincare actives for long-term, anti-aging results.

It also locks in moisture, protects from UV and blue light damage and minimizes the look of fine lines and wrinkles while promoting skin elasticity for a more youthful look.

To ensure the perfect application, use the Kabuki Blending Brush that comes with the foundation for a delightfully matched finish.

ZO Skin Health’s Micro Facial Program for Mother's Day

ZO Skin Health’s Micro Facial Program (

Give mom’s skin the boost it needs with ZO Skin Health’s limited collection Micro Facial Program. Designed to restore softer, smoother and naturally radiant skin without irritation or downtime, this four-product treatment is ideal for all skin types and also helps to support results often achieved with in-office treatments.

ZO Skin Health’s Exfoliating Cleanser clears away surface oil and impurities without leaving the skin feeling stripped or dry, while helping to keep your pores clear and minimize the frequency of breakouts. To gently remove dead skin cells, the program’s Exfoliating Polish instantly reveals smoother, softer and glowing skin.

The third step in the micro facial regimen is the brand’s Complexion Renewal Pads, which remove excess surface oil and pore-clogging debris to brighten skin and clarify pores. And, to close out the program, the at-home Enzymatic Peel is formulated to help smooth uneven, rough-textured skin, while improving the visible signs of sun damage.

ZO Skin Health believes the ideal way to attain and maintain skin health is through the power of science. Drawing inspiration from its founder and world-renowned dermatologist, Dr. Zein Obagi, ZO Skin Health makes it its mission to push the boundaries of medical-grade skincare through its wide spectrum of protocols and products.

Amarose Boosting Moisturizer for Mother's DayAmarose Lifting SerumAmarose Skin Tag Remover for Mother's Day

Amarose Skincare Products (

Get lifted and rewind the signs of aging, discoloration and wrinkles this Mother’s Day with Amarose’s collection of all-natural skin care products for women.

Amarose’s Boosting Moisturizer is a fan-favorite and features an exclusive, encapsulated retinol and vitamins to keep the skin nourished, hydrated and ready to take on the day.

The Lifting Serum, however, showcases some real magic by naturally tightening your skin and erasing pesky crow-feet lines. It includes clinically-proven ingredients combined with a patented process that incorporates red algae from the waters of the Philippines and a thorny shrub native to Peru to deliver an immediate lift, firming and contouring effect. This serum truly does it all.

Another top-seller of its expertly formulated skincare line, the Skin Tag Remover Serum is a solution for unwanted moles and pesky skin tags that works in the privacy of your own home. This ancient formula penetrates to the root of the wart or skin tag, alerting your immune system to send white blood cells to the area to start the removal and healing process.

As a line developed for women by women, Amarose strives to provide consumers with the highest levels of quality, expertise and a user-friendly experience that leaves customers smiling. The company was founded by former WWE wrestler, Mandy Rose, as a way to find a solution for keeping her skin clean and healthy while traveling the world.

The line aims to help you get the most out of your skincare routine so you can feel confident in every step of your day—from waking up to getting ready for bed.

Even more, the Amarose team is passionate about making sure its products are as effective as possible without adding any harsh chemicals or unnecessary ingredients that could cause irritation or discomfort.

Regen Labs’ ‘Liquid Facelift’ Cream for Mother's Day gifting

Regen Labs’ ‘Liquid Facelift’ Cream (

Regen Labs will cut the beauty trends-spending in your mom’s life to a fraction with its best-selling facial cream, Liquid Facelift.

Developed by board-certified internal medicine physician, Dr. Mark Ghalili, years of research with scientifically studied peptides have been fused to provide incredible facial transformative results for a nontoxic lift that’s reported to be a natural alternative to botox.

This revolutionary peptide blend promotes skin elasticity, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, heals and rebuilds damaged skin and combats hyperpigmentation. Regen Labs’ proprietary formula creates a significant anti-aging effect on the skin, which includes powerful ingredients like BPC-157 peptide powder, GHK-Cu, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid to promote radiant skin at any age.

The best part? All the user has to do is apply to their face and neck twice a day and watch as Liquid Facelift does its thing.

The vegan brand cites that it has generated more than 12,000 customers since launching less than two years ago—showcasing a lineup of supplemental products that only feature toxin-free, vegan, organic and non-habit forming ingredients to boost the body’s natural ability to regenerate.

Regenerative Facial Serum from Palermo Body
Regenerative Facial Serum from Palermo Body (

Up your self-care routine with Palermo Body’s Regenerative Facial Serum. This powerhouse blend of rich botanical oils is packed with essential omegas and vitamins that renew and nourish delicate facial skin cells.

As easy to use as it is indulgent, this blend absorbs instantly to deliver deep hydration with no oily residue—leaving just naturally glowing, healthy and resilient skin. Palermo Body uses powerful supercritical extracts to develop its formula, which is an advanced extraction method proven to retain more of the plant’s vital nutrients and deliver more intact, natural goodness directly to your skin.

All you have to do is apply 4-5 drops of the serum to the face, around the eyes and neck daily for the best results.

Palermo Body creates products that nourish your skin, stimulate your mind and come directly from nature—making the process of caring for yourself something you look forward to each day. Founder Jess Morelli based the natural beauty company’s ethos around making self-care attainable for as many people as possible.

Every aspect of wellness is considered during product development, from sustainable sourcing to how self-care routines affect you and the world. Subtle hints of the Regenerative Facial Serum’s uplifting scent of Rose Otto, Geranium and Mandarin essential oils round out the process for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

August + Monroe ‘Wake Up Call’ Eye Serum for Mother's Day gifting
August + Monroe ‘Wake Up Call’ Eye Serum (

For those moms who are beauty devotees or who simply want to put their best face forward every day, August + Monroe’s new Wake Up Call serum will work wonders for the under-eye area, helping awaken and revive that common problem spot.

It’s packed with a vitamin C derivative that prevents crow’s feet and absorbs hydration into the eye’s delicate skin. Other key ingredients include coffee to brighten, aloe to smooth and water to hydrate.

The Wake Up Call serum also serves as a great base for under-eye concealer applications—delivering fast drying time and an extremely smooth and hydrated look without creasing. The lightweight, peach gel texture cancels blue tones underneath the eyes for an instant brightening effect and has a cooling tip that easily glides along the skin to diminish fine lines, puffiness, redness and dark circles.

August + Monroe’s patented cooling tip is specially constructed to mimic the shape of your finger for the best gentle application. And, for those who wear contacts, the Wake Up Call serum is ocular and dermatologist-tested and is 100 percent safe for contact lens wear, while also still maintaining its sensitivity under the eyes.


Crushed Golf Plumping Potion by Elina Organics’ Face and Body Essentials for Mother's DayBio-energized Love Potion by Elina Organics’ Face and Body EssentialsElina Organics’ Face and Body Essentials Mascara for Mother's DayLash Growth Serum by Elina Organics’ Face and Body Essentials for Mother's Day
Elina Organics’ Face and Body Essentials (

Treat the women in your life to some at-home pampering on Mother’s Day with a selection of Elina Organics’ most popular face and body products.

Take the holistic skincare company’s Crushed Gold Plumping Potion, for instance. Its blend of colloidal gold, peptides and lemon extract delivers intense collagen, elastin regeneration and skin rejuvenation—resulting in immediately fuller lips and filled-in deep and fine lines on the face and neck that accumulates after each use.

Elina Organics’ Bio-Energized Love Potion is another fan-favorite and contains a classic, exquisite blend of aphrodisiac, therapeutic-grade-essential oils. The limited-edition scent features a mix of jasmine, rose, orange blossom, vanilla, frankincense, sandalwood and ylang-ylang, combined with raw gemstone crystals to fuel unique energy into this bio-energized potion.

And, for enhancing your natural beauty, Elina Organics’ award-winning All Natural Mascara has your lashes covered. The product’s 100-percent natural and 85-percent organic vegan, gluten-free formula strengthens and conditions eyelashes with a slate of gentle and non-toxic ingredients, such as chamomile, vitamin E, coffee powder and sunflower seed oil. Plus, the All Natural Mascara’s unique brush adds volume, length and separates your lashes evenly and smoothly—eliminating the worry of flakes, smudges or clumps.

Elina Organics also offers a Natural Lash Growth Serum with Peptides  enriched with conditioning peptides to stimulate and promote longer, stronger eyelashes and eyebrows. In fact, there are only three ingredients in its 100-percent organic formula: vegetable glycerin; purified water; and Myristoyl Pentapeptide 17. The latter is secret weapon of the trio and it’s a fatty acid combined with a chain of five different peptides that stimulates keratin genes and promotes longer and thicker eyelashes and eyebrows.
Lashe Conditioner / Extender from The Lashe, Inc.
Lashe Conditioner / Extender from The Lashe, Inc. (

Another great way to give the gift of glossy, radiant lashes this Mother’s Day with the Lashe Conditioner for Extended Lashes by The Lashe, Inc. This luxurious eyelash conditioner not only conditions and fortifies lashes, but also adds shine and protection—all in one easy step.

The Lashe Conditioner for Extended Lashes is designed to strengthen and nourish eyelashes, leaving them looking longer, fuller and healthier. An easy-to-use, nano mascara brush allows for quick application to every lash.

Lashe, Inc.’s clear formula includes a blend of nourishing vitamins like Pro-Vitamin B5 as well as nutrients and peptides designed to fortify the eyelashes from the root-level, out. And, not only does the product help grow lashes longer, but also stimulates thicker and more resilient ones to appear.

In fact, the product is great for lash extension wearers and non-wearers, alike—helping to seal natural eyelashes and extensions and protect them from moisture, oil and environmental elements that can break down the adhesive, or make lashes appear dull.

For those whose eyelashes grow criss-cross, the lash conditioner can help retrain hair growth by holding them in place and correcting their growth pattern over time. It can also be applied to eyebrows for fortification, or as a brow gel replacement, and offers a non-invasive solution for anyone looking to improve the look of their lashes overall.

*****  FOOD AND BEVERAGE  *****

Champagne Lallier’s Grand Rosé for Mother's Day

Champagne Lallier’s Grand Rosé (

Toast the mother figure in your life on Mother’s Day with Champagne Lallier’s Grand Rosé bottle especially crafted for the champagne lover. This sumptuous, bold twist on a classic rosé champagne is rounded with vivid freshness and a delicate, yet intense, flavor.

Every pour in this fruit-dominant drink highlights notes of fresh cherries, redcurrants and raspberries, combined with hints of fresh apple and mandarin. On the palate, intense freshness takes over to finish with a delicately acidic and salty length. Champagne Lallier’s Grand Rosé can be enjoyed on its own, enjoyed with starters or paired with a light, gourmet meal. It’s perfect with raw fish or shellfish like lobster or king crab.

Since its founding in 1906, Champagne Lallier has brought a fresh perspective to the iconic world of luxury champagne. The maison is rooted in the heart of the rare Grand Cru Champagne region in France and designs some of the most exquisite terroir-driven cuvées.

It’s always believed that the terroir’s greatest potential is revealed through the unique perspectives of its people. Under the stewardship of acclaimed cellar master and general manager, Dominique Demarville, the Lallier team brings heart, formidable knowledge of the terroir and multigenerational craftsmanship to every bottle, which has been adapted over time to create a more eco-responsible legacy.


Lifevine Sugar Free Wines for Mother's Day dinner

Lifevine Sugar Free Wines (

“Pure” and “natural” have never tasted this good. Treat your mom to flavorful, delicious pours from Lifevine that omit the pesticides and sugar typically found in a glass of vino.

Created to fit all drinkers’ lifestyles, the winery is one of the first to list both serving facts and ingredients on its bottle labels. The company believes in providing customers with the transparency you deserve, so that you can make the best choices about what you put into your body.

Lifevine is sourced from select growers in the Sierra Nevada bench lands east of the San Francisco Delta, where its warm climate and well-drained combination of decomposed granite, sandy loam and clay provide an ideal environment for its Cabernet and Red blends.

Other varietals in Lifevine’s lineup include Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Red Blend, Blanc de Blanc and California Chardonnay—all crafted under organic conditions and harvested at the peak of ripeness with an eye toward keeping alcohol levels modest.

The brand’s focus on making minimal-intervention wines has enabled it to become the only certified pesticide-free wine in the U.S., while also being keto, paleo, vegan, gluten-free and planet-friendly. From the soil to the bottle, Lifevine’s care and expertise ensure that the wine you drink is just wine—the way Mother Nature intended.

Myx Fusions’ Low-Alcohol Wines

Watermelon Moscato Myx Fusions’ Low-Alcohol Wines for Mother's Day
Myx Fusions’ Low-Alcohol Wines (

Does your wine selection need to be revolutionized? Myx Fusions, started by rapper, singer and songwriter Nicki Minaj, offers quality, low-calorie and low-alcohol wines that pack the perfect punch of flavor.

A popular choice, the Moscato & Peach draws on the already peachy highlights of Moscato wine and enlivens the taste and aroma of the ripe, summer nectar. Drinkers can expect fragrant, fruity bubbles that refresh the palette and leave a sweet and subtle finish.

And for those who are looking for a light, refreshing and real-fruit-infused Italian Moscato to help toast or celebrate mom, the new Myx Fusions’ Watermelon Moscato has just the right amount of flavor—without any of the guilt. This clean and crisp infusion provides a balanced blend of premium Moscato wine with natural juices from fresh, ripe watermelons.

Bursting with flavor, the Watermelon Moscato is a light-bodied wine that tastes like summer in a glass. The signature fruit-forward notes of Moscato shine through, while the delightful watermelon zing provides a crisp, clean finish—making it a great choice for an easy-to-drink pour. MYX Fusions’ Watermelon Moscato is versatile with a sweetness and lower alcohol level that pairs well with most foods, including fish, chicken, seafood, duck, vegetables and even your favorite dessert. Keep it on ice at your outdoor barbecue or beach party for a simple, yet satisfying, summer refreshment.

“World’s Cheesiest Mom” Gift Basket from Cheese Brothers for Mother's Day

“World’s Cheesiest Mom” Gift Basket from Cheese Brothers (

The world’s best mom deserves the world’s best cheese, and the Cheese Brothers’ World’s Cheesiest Mom Mother’s Day Gift Basket certainly fits the bill.

This lovingly curated gift collection combines the Wisconsin-based, e-commerce company’s finest cheeses with award-winning jam and artisan crackers made by small producers local to Wisconsin.

Pair the creamy and herbaceous Dill Havarti with delectable cherry lavender jam for a sweet and savory crescendo of flavor, or the single-sourced honey with the smoked Mozzarella that also comes packed in the basket. Along with a selection of two additional six-ounce blocks of Cheese Brothers’ goods, the special Mother’s Day set features two artisan compotes, one tiny honey dipper and a “World’s Cheesiest Mom” sticker to truly drive the theme home.

The eight-year-old business ships cheese and gift packages nationwide, taking great care to protect the integrity of its products with vacuum-sealed packing and insulated boxes to withstand travel to warmer locations. Plus, you can feel good about your purchase knowing that Cheese Brothers regularly pays it forward by donating cheese and a portion of its proceeds to a variety of non-profit organizations, while enjoying highlighting other local artisans in its special baskets and boxes.

It’s surely a tasty and delightful gift worthy of the mothers and other favorite gals in your life on Mother’s Day!


***Some or all of the accommodations(s), experience(s), item(s) and/or service(s) detailed above may have been provided at no cost or sponsored to accommodate if this is review editorial, but all opinions expressed are entirely those of Merilee Kern and have not been influenced in any way.***