Tired of looking at your old, dusty, and dilapidated furniture? It might be time for a makeover. If you’re interested in restoring your worn-down furniture to its former glory, follow these quick, easy tips on how to make your old furniture look new.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Give your furniture a fresh, modern look with a brand-new coat of paint. You’ll need a primer, the paint itself, and a glossy, protective finish.

Pick a color that’s beautiful, vibrant, and complements the rest of your interior or exterior decor.

If you’re going for a natural appearance, pick out a dark, rich brown, or a cream-colored paint. For something colorful, try canary yellow, crimson, or a deep, navy blue. Want something simple, monochromatic, and sleek? Any neutral color—black, white, grey—will do.

Add a Trim

Trimming is a fantastic addition to your tables, cabinets, and other furniture. You can purchase smooth, flat trimming, or, for some additional flair, get one with a pre-made or custom design.

A wooden trim will give your furniture a rustic, natural appearance, while an industrial, metal trim can modernize it.

Installing trim is simple. You’ll need the trim, a stain, some finish, and other critical installation tools. If you’re in need of a step-by-step guide, here’s how to add wood trim to furniture.

Reupholster Worn Fabric

Are your cushioned chairs grime-covered? Ripped? Stained? Reupholstering is your friend. Upholstery includes all the materials used in a chair or sofa’s soft coverings—fabric, padding, webbing, and springs. For most, you’ll only need to replace the fabric.

The type of material you choose should reflect your lifestyle. If you have younger children or pets, steer clear of easily damaged materials, like silk and velvet. Pieces that are frequently used, like a living room couch, will need a strong, durable fabric. Less used pieces, like settees and headboards, can be reupholstered with whatever kind of fabric you want.

Refinish the Wood

Another way to make your old furniture look new is to refinish it.

Refinishing woodwork is a quick, simple project. It’ll mask your furniture’s minor blemishes, making it look brand-new. All you’ll need is a good, trusty sander, color or stain, and a protective finish.

The sanding will remove any imperfections, like cuts and stains, and the color, stain, and finish will give your piece of furniture a glossy, flawless appearance.

It’s easiest to refinish flat surfaces, but with enough dedication and effort, you can refinish anything wooden.