A luxury car is a highly coveted amenity by many, but few ever consider how high maintenance such cars can be. The general rule is that the cooler the car, the needier it is. This isn’t a problem if you know what you’re doing. If you’re a new owner of a luxurious car, allow us to offer some insight on how to maintain it. So you can ensure it both operates and looks as good as possible for as long as possible.

Regular Servicing

Because of how needy these cars are, you’ll want to make a point of keeping up with regular professional servicing. Professional services are likely offered by the car’s manufacturer. The manual that comes with your car will have recommendations for how often your car needs servicing and what aspects or components need regular maintaining or replacing. Falling behind on your car’s servicing is one of the quickest ways for your car to both lose its luster in appearance and harm its performance—two factors that make a luxury car, well, luxurious.

Washing the Car

This one may seem obvious, but an important part of learning how to maintain your luxury car is knowing how to clean it by hand. It’s generally recommended you avoid car washes, despite the temptation of convenience, as these automated car washes aren’t nearly thorough enough and may cause damage to the paint if the material used to scrub your car is too abrasive. By handwashing your car, you’ll be able to pick out specialized equipment like wash mitts that will treat your car with the utmost care and allow you to thoroughly prevent buildups of grime that could cause rust.

Vehicle Detailing

Detailing is always a worthwhile investment. Exterior detailing not only keeps your car’s paint clean and glossy. Additions such as ceramic coatings are an extra protective layer. This helps to endure your car is ready for the wear and tear of the environment. And help to resist the harmful UV rays from the sun. Interior detailing, on the other hand, will keep leather seats and the dashboard from drying out and staying fresh. Interior detailing also includes basic maintenance practices like vacuuming and cleaning. This includes cleaning the inside to eliminate odors or stains and keep your car comfortable.