Home Improvement – Digital Socket Sizing Tool – $79.99

The Digital Socket Sizing Tool is the perfect item so that you will never have to measure twice again. This tool identifies the inner and outer diameters of piping, along with a variety of other household objects. It is the perfect gift for mechanics, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, engineers, and more. 

Grilling – Jolly Green Products Roasting Marshmallow Sticks – $25.79

If you do not have access to your grill, fire up the bonfire for some hot dogs! These roasting marshmallow sticks will help you make the perfect hot dogs as well as the perfect s’mores. These sticks are made of heavy-duty stainless steel and are fully adjustable. 

Landscaping – WORK WX081L ZipSnip Cutting Tool – $44.48

The ZipSnip Cutting Tool is so convenient! With this tool, you can utilize cordless electric scissors that can cut thicker material with far less hand strain than manual scissors. The blades stay sharp, it can hold a charge for months, and it is super safe and will only work when you have a firm grasp on things.

Exercise – Fitness Dice – $19.00

Make exercising more fun! The Fitness Dice can serve as your very own, in-home personal trainers. This set comes with 6 dice as well as an instruction booklet. The best part? The workouts require no equipment and are all solely body weight. First, you will roll six dice to decide which target areas you will focus on that day. Then, toss the seventh to determine your length of time and repetitions!