Shakti Mat & Pillow 

www.shaktimat.com | Mat $59 & Pillow $43

Both work through contact – whereby the spikes apply pressure to the skin and muscles to support healthy circulation and soothe tension. The Pillow provides more targeted acupressure. This is thanks to the special ‘curve’ of the pillow which sits comfortably behind the neck & shoulders. It also caters for application underneath hamstrings, hips, knees, and the lower back.  Use The Shakti Pillow either on its own, or with The Shakti Mat, for a more targeted, and effective Shakti session




Activ5 Fit Pack
www.activebody.com | $150

Get a complete workout in a fraction of the time and do it anywhere. Tailor exercises to your own goals and strengths through Isometrics exercises that require no movement, like planks or yoga poses. They activate your muscles without moving your joints. The pack includes an Activ5 fitness device and a phone stand along with a free download code for the Activ5 measurement and coaching app. The app currently has over 40 workouts and hundreds of exercises, and more ate added all the time.



Prepdeck+ Bundle

www.prepdeck.com  |  from $169

The Prepdeck+ bundle includes our fully-loaded Prepdeck, plus essential extras to facilitate meal prep and mise en place at its finest. In addition to our fully-loaded Prepdeck with 45+ tools and functions, the Prepdeck+ bundle also includes an additional set of large containers, an XL container set, a mobile device stand, and an extra cutting board, in the finish of your choice.