Living in a coastal home is one of life’s most decadent luxuries. Living in one with a gorgeous outdoor space is an even lovelier ideal. If you have a great outdoor patio that could use a little love in the décor department, then check out these stylish summer patio upgrades you’ll love.

Built-in grill

A crafted hardscaped patio is all the rage on the coast right now, and adding in a built-in grill can only improve your space. A built-in grill is a stylish and functional addition to any patio. Building one with a spacious countertop can help create a functional outdoor kitchen area. This idea also provides some division within the patio, creating defined spaces for certain activities.

Tile flooring

Installing a unique and stylish tile flooring on top of your patio can make it easier to clean and much more sophisticated. A trendy pebble tile is perfect for patios because it provides a striking but natural glimpse of the outdoors while maintaining the simple care and convenience of indoor flooring. Tile flooring installation is easier than you may think and is a worthwhile expense in relation to its ease of cleaning and beauty.

Outdoor shower area

While this one may seem a little quirky, it’s actually a great addition to any home that has a pool. An outdoor shower area for rinsing off after a dip in the pool is a great way to add a layer of outdoor luxury to your patio. You can install a rain showerhead and surround it by plants for a more natural feel and some added privacy. An outdoor shower is a unique and functional addition that will help you keep your home clean and free of chlorine and dirt.

A seaside-style dividing wall

Instead of building actual division walls between portions of your patio, consider adding a touch of coastal décor into your dividers. Attaching natural wood with boating ropes can make excellent coastal style dividers to provide some privacy and much-needed division to your outdoor space. Dividing walls commonly provide small noteworthy divisions between an outdoor kitchen and a pool or patio living space.