Cooking – YAMAZAKI home 7327 Rin Plywood Tablet Stand – $18.00

This is the perfect gift for someone who loves to use cookbooks and needs a nice, convenient way to keep it propped up while they are cooking. For those who purchase virtual cookbooks, this stand will also hold a tablet!

Relaxation – YnM Weighted Blanket – $49.90 

Honestly, a weighted blanket is the perfect gift for truly anyone. This weighted blanket comes in a variety of different colors and sizes depending on preference and is nice and cozy while also offering a way for your body to calm down and relieve stress and anxiety.

Cleaning – AicLuze Soap Dispenser – $37.99 

A touch free soap dispenser – what could be better?! This soap dispenser uses a free-standing adjustable button, with built-in precise infrared motion as well as PIR sensor detection technology. This dispenser is also durable and water resistant! 

Entertainment – Amazon Fire TV Cube – $119.99 

This is the fastest and most powerful Fire TV, which also hooks up to Alexa. Ask Alexa to turn on the TV, dim the lights and play your show of choice! It features a built-in speaker and instant access to 4K ultra HD content, and will stream all of your favorite services.