Endurance Lights
endurancelights.com | from $140
Motion activated and built for a wide range of waterproof solar lighting applications such as large-area residential, commercial/industrial buildings, parking lots, streets, pathways, playgrounds, farms, parks etc.
Snow Joe iON100-24SB 
snowjoe.com | from $965
This 100-Volt 24-Inch Cordless Dual-Stage Snow Blower combines the power of gas with the zero emissions and the convenience of a battery for unparalleled snow-shredding power. The control panel also gives you automatic speed control, chute rotation, reverse drive, and an LED headlight — all at your fingertips.
Aerus Pure & Clean
New & improved patented ActivePure® Cell destroys over 99% of all surface and airborne contaminants faster covering up to 3,000 sqft. of space. Freshens the air and removes VOC’s, smoke and odors. Additionally, it only uses 43 watts which is less than a standard lightbulb.
Beermkr & Beertap
beermkr.com | $500
Handle both brewing and fermentation and customize recipes directly on the machine. Impressively so, his is the only fully contained beer brewery that sits on your counter, giving you all the tools of the best brewers and all the fun of making delicious beer—without the mess and complexity of traditional home-brewing.