It’s exciting when upgrading your lifestyle includes a new home. Still, moving is a huge expense that requires a great deal of planning. Know the costs to consider when creating a practical moving budget, so you aren’t surprised by how much you spent in the end. Uncover how to create a realistic budget for your upcoming move.

Packing Materials

The amount of stuff you must move will determine how many boxes you’ll need. Get a combination of large and medium boxes since you can’t fill large boxes with a ton of heavy items. In addition to boxes, you’ll also need tape, bubble wrap, and markers to ensure movers don’t break your things and that they put them in the right rooms at your new house.

Cleaning Your Old House

Whether you rent an apartment or are selling your house, you must clean the space. Landlords may not give back your deposit if they must use the money to clean the place after you’ve lived in it. Additionally, you must stage your home to sell it faster. Keeping your home clean while you’re showing it may require professional help.

Storage Facilities

Many realtors recommend removing a good portion of your stuff when staging your house for sale. You want the space to look lived in but not personalized with your things. For this reason, you may need to rent a storage facility. Storage facilities typically charge by the month.

Transportation and Travel

Depending on how far you’re moving, you may need to travel quite a distance to your new home. Consider how long it will take to get to your place. You may want to fly if it’s far away. Further, you may have to stay in a hotel, pay for gas, and buy food to make the trip.

Hire Movers

One of the biggest expenses that comes with moving is the price of professional movers. How much you’ll pay will depend on how many items you must move and if you have specialty items like gym equipment or a piano. Companies may send specially trained movers and bring special equipment for the job. One benefit of hiring professional movers is that they can handle your heaviest items.

Rent Moving Trucks

If you have people in your life to help you move, you may not need movers. Compare the prices of moving trucks to see which works best for you. Some charge by the mile while others charge by the day. Make sure you rent a truck that’s large enough to hold everything you need. You’ll spend a lot of time hauling items in and out of your house. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ll have time to make multiple trips back and forth between your new and old place.

Setting Up Your New Home

It’s common to spend money on setting up your new place. Costs you can’t avoid include utility setups. Further, your new home may need new furniture, decorations, and more.

Some hidden costs to consider when creating a practical moving budget are travel expenses and cleaning fees. You may not expect your movers to charge so much, but knowing the price ahead of time can save you stress and worry. Remember to create flexibility in your budget for the unexpected.