Revolutionary AI-powered virtual sommelier app sets new benchmark for highly personalized wine discovery offered with unprecedented ease


For many, the process of discovering and selecting the bottle of wine—whether as a gift for another or a treat for themselves—can be overwhelming. That’s why BetterAI, a Silicon Valley technology company elevating the world of wine through the power of artificial intelligence (AI), has launched the world’s most comprehensive and intuitive wine search engine and recommendation system: “VinoVoss.”

This revolutionary AI-driven platform makes it easier than ever for all wine enthusiasts—from novices to connoisseurs—to find the perfect wine for any occasion. Acting as a virtual sommelier, the VinoVoss semantic search and recommendation system harnesses the power of AI to provide personalized wine recommendations, catering to the unique preferences of each user. If you don’t know anything about wine, no problem, type a description and the AI-powered VinoVoss semantic search will understand the user’s needs and provide personalized wine recommendations.

This industry innovation is quite consequential, particularly as reports project that the United States wine market will generate $39 billion in revenue in 2024. One of the main reasons cited for America’s wine market growth is changing consumer preferences, with analyst opinions underscoring that “wine is no longer seen as a luxury item reserved for special occasions, but rather as a beverage that can be enjoyed on a daily basis. This shift in consumer preferences has led to an increased demand for a wide variety of wines, from traditional red and white wines to more unique and exotic options.”  This including traditional international varieties from established regions to more indigenous grapes and emerging locations.

“The subjective nature of taste has long stumped traditional wine-focused search engines, and the breadth of wine and viniculture information is challenging to navigate without a skilled guide,” said Angel Vossough, BetterAI CEO and Co-Founder. “By employing NextGen data technologies and language models, our VinoVoss innovation singlehandedly overcomes these limitations by providing professional-quality wine guidance at your fingertips. This highly advanced, AI-powered platform gives users the most comprehensive selection of wines available on the planet, empowering them to make accurate and informed decisions about their selection.”

The VinoVoss interface has numerous intuitive capabilities, including allowing users to readily search for wines by grape variety, region or price; get personalized wines based on taste preferences; compare wines to find a perfect match for a meal; track their own wine collection and create a wish list; search for organic, natural wines; and more. “Wine Discovery” categories allow easy exploration by color and type, top occasions (like gift-giving or fine dining), unique picks (like celebrity or sommelier selections or rare collectibles) and a fun “Surprise Me!” option.

Of course, users can browse by varietals like popular, classic, and emerging grapes, and popular styles like fruity or bold. A “Regions” category is also handy for those who prefer geographic appellation-based sorting or even niche trends like volcanic, coastal, and high altitude. The real fun is asking VinoVoss human, conversation-style questions or providing prompts, like:

“What is the best wine from Chile?”;

“I’m looking for a red wine that’s good with steak”;

“I’m craving a bold, full-bodied red wine”; or

“What Bordeaux do celebrities like that goes with pork?”

The learning and personalization aspect is profoundly impactful. For example, an adventurous VinoVoss user can select the “Surprise Me!” mood in the app, and the AI virtual sommelier recommends a lesser-known, yet highly-rated Pinot Noir, matching the user’s previously-tracked taste profile that has led to a new favorite discovery. For date night, a user inputs “Romantic Dinner” as the search query, and the AI recommends a selection of wines that complement their planned meal, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Not just a solution for consumers, there are numerous B2B applications that benefit business owners as well. For example, a wine retailer integrates VinoVoss into its online store and customers appreciate the customized AI-driven recommendations. In one case, this led to higher satisfaction and repeat purchases, resulting in a huge 30% revenue boost. In another case, a corporate event planner uses VinoVoss to select wines for a large company gala. The AI’s ability to cater to multiple palettes and meal pairings ensures a well-received selection across the board, simplifying the planner’s task and elevating the event’s success.

“VinoVoss is a highly specialized and advanced search engine founded on the mission of making it quick and easy for shoppers to best discover, explore and enjoy wines of the world that are perfectly suited to their specific tastes and preferences,” noted BetterAI CTO and Co-Founder Arsalan Vossough. “It’s a powerful and streamlined tool helping users build knowledge and shop, sip, and savor with more confidence than ever before.

To provide added context and perspective on the gravity of the invention, Arsalan went on to summarize a number of unique discriminators for the app:

  • Innovative AI Technology: Cutting-edge AI and natural language technology underlies VinoVoss’s sommelier recommendation features, elevating digital wine search beyond keyword matching and into the realm of Artificial Intelligence that can “understand” taste.
  • Expertise in AI and Wine Industry: VinoVoss was created with a team of wine experts working alongside our technical team, keeping every step of development wine-informed and monitored by human wine experts.
  • Data-Driven Customization: VinoVoss allows users to search for wines based on needs, occasion, mood, event type, food pairing, and any other descriptions imaginable, which can be processed by our wine-specific natural-language models.
  • Personalized User Experience: VinoVoss utilizes complex analytics to tailor recommendations to individual user preferences, tracking personal taste patterns and activity to create user-specific data profiles.
  • Commitment to Innovation: VinoVoss is committed to continuous innovation in wine recommendation, joining the traditional expertise of wine sommeliers with the quickly evolving AI field. Our infrastructure is continuously updated to stay up-to-date with wine and technology developments.
  • Data Privacy and Security: As VinoVoss involves AI and potentially collects data for personalized recommendations, it emphasizes a commitment to data privacy and security, and we are sensitive to public concerns about data handling.
  • AI Ethics: VinoVoss takes ethical considerations related to the use of AI in consumer products seriously. We seek to provide a tool to complement current wine businesses and professionals.

To the above, Angel added the revelation that “planned future developments of VinoVoss include social networking features for wine enthusiasts, data APIs for wine businesses, and integrations with alcohol delivery apps.”

All of this ingenuity is driven by a talented and passionate group of researchers, analysts, engineers, software developers, certified wine experts, and sommeliers. BetterAI’s VinoVoss team is on a mission to create the world’s most intuitive and personalized AI-powered wine search and recommendation system that will knowingly adapt and evolve with its users.

The Silicon Valley-headquartered company is aptly leveraging leading edge technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Generative AI, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision to hone this transformative solution that is revolutionizing the relationship between wine and digital platforms. Now, beginners, seasoned wine lovers, and others thirsting for a better way to vet vino can benefit from the sophisticated, personalized and interactive VinoVoss experience. This pioneering platform empowers users to make highly-informed decisions about their wine selections, explore new varietals, find new favorites and even rediscover old gems quicker and easier than ever before.


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