Gifts for His Home 

Home Improvement – Toilet Paper Stocker – $60.00

Looking for a new, upgraded way to stock your toilet paper rolls? Look no further! With small spaces in mind, this stocker can fit into the blank space next to most toilets. It is powder-coated steel in White and can store up to 12 rolls of toilet paper!

Grilling – Drip EZ BBQ Prep Tub – $37.99

This tub is perfect for mess-free marinating, or you can collapse it for a built-in cutting board. You can fill this tub with ice to keep beverages cold, use the lid for any food storage, or keep your meat in as you are applying dry rubs or marinades!

Landscaping Barebones for Terrain Hori Hori – $38.00

This useful multi-purpose garden tool is a cross between a knife, a trowel, and a saw. The blade is a durable stainless steel that extends through the sustainable bamboo handle, creating a metal pommel on the end for pounding stakes.

Exercise – FeetUp Trainer – $119.00

The FeetUp Trainer helps you achieve inverted postures in a unique and gentle way. With this, your bodyweight is even across the shoulders, allowing your head to gently hang and stretch the cervical spine. It is the best yoga prop for building more strength, flexibility, and balance!