There is not a single part in any house where you cannot find the dust or dirt and when these dirt marks are ignored for ages, they become difficult to remove. However, your roofs are more exposed to dirt as they are one of the outer most of any house and you cannot keep it covered with anything. It has to suffer all the harsh weather conditions, be it storm, fast winds or heavy rains. The situation can go worse when the roofs are not being cleaned properly and it allows moss, algae and other such nasty creatures to go there. Do you know when this happens? When the homeowners overlook the importance of roof cleaning via best pressure washer or they do it themselves. Often people misunderstood the roofing cleaning because of the myths spread around.
Well, in this era of technology and advancement, can you still live with myths? Obviously not. It’s time to get rid of these myths.
Myth 1: Roof Algae Is Not Dangerous

Algae grow where the moisture is high and once the algae are grown on the roof surface, it needs immediate cleaning. It will leave stains that make your roof look unpleasant. Will you love a house that is covered with algae? Obviously not. So, when your house is affected with this green substance, get it to pressure washed by the professionals.
Pressure washing also becomes necessary because when the tiles are covered with algae, it fails to resist the UV rays and when this happens, your house is open to the damage. If this is not something that can drive you crazy, there is nothing that can awake you expect your bank account which becomes null with frequent roof replacements. Else, you can close your eye to avoid the mess grown on your house until it brings you some serious damage.
Myth 2: Roof Replacement Is The Only Solution
Many of the homeowners always choose roof replacement instead of roof cleaning or pressure washing techniques as they think, roof replacement is the only solution. Well, this is not true by any mean. Roof replacement is not as easy as 123 but it’s a long process that needs a suitable time to be done rightly. Though by this we do not mean that you should not think of roof replacement it all depends on how worse the damage is. Consult your nearest local roofer for the guidance but do not let him trap you in with the myth.
Myth 3: Stained Shingles Or Tiles Need Replacement
At the early stages of algae infestation, it is difficult to identify the signs, yet you cannot relax that your roof is fully protected. Keep a close eye on your roof and look for the ugly yellow and blacked signs that is a sure reason behind algae growth on your roof. Before these can grow worse, you can clean them using the right cleaning techniques. You know the secret, even if you cannot see the damage clearly, just have a firm believe algae infestation is dangerous and will lead to a roof replacement for sure. So, instead of cleaning the affected tiles, get a whole roof cleaned properly via residential power washing professionals.
Myth 4: DIY Roof Cleaning Has The Same Effect
Okay, even if you are pro at cleaning, do not take roof cleaning an easy task. A roof is one the most sensitive area of your house that needs to be handled with great care. Though you may have the necessary cleaning tools and are aware of the cleaning solutions, you cannot beat the results of professional cleaning. DIY roof cleaning gives you a tough time as you are not a pro at cleaning the roof or using the tools.
Myth 5: Pressure Washing Is Not A Safe Solution
Being not familiar with the term pressure washing, people often resist taking the services. Commonly the term confuses people as they may think that when the pressure is applied on the roof, it is more open to damage and loss. However, the pressure washing technique is introduced to get rid of dirt trapped on the sidings, roof racks, and shingle. So, to get the most out of your power washing service, look for affordable power washing services near you. They have the expertise to handle the process, bringing out the finest results.
Myth 6: Roof Cleaning Is Not Worth The Expense
One of the reasons behind DIY roof cleaning is that people often think that the roof cleaning service is overly charged. Well, that cannot be true in any case. Though the charges may vary from professionals to professionals, yet you cannot say hiring them is just a waste of time and money. You may compare the cost such as buying the equipment, cleaning chemicals, equipment maintenance and so on. Also, with DIY cleaning, your roof’s lifespan is at risk whereas the experts prevent the damage warranties and sure the property.