In case you have not already worked it into your schedule, the New England Boat Show will be taking place from February 8th to February 16th at the Boston Convention and Exhibit Center! At the New England Boat Show, there will be plenty of different activities to participate in, many different boat brands to check out and so much to learn! There are a lot of benefits to attending boat shows, whether you own a boat or are looking to get into boating. Here are some top reasons why you should purchase tickets to the New England Boat Show: 

  1. Boat shows are educational. This is the perfect event to attend if you are looking to get into the world of boating and want some more information. There are plenty of volunteers, non-profit groups and boating brands that are happy to teach the practical knowledge you’ll need to kick it off. 
  2. Great opportunity for comparison shopping. If you are in the market for a new boat, this is a great way to compare prices, models and styles, without having to shop online. 
  3. Awesome bonding with your family. If you are looking to bring your kids along and make it a family day out, this is the perfect place! There are many activities for kids taking place throughout the day, including kids boating, “build-a-boat,” as well as a tour of Salt, the life-size, 40-foot inflatable humpback whale. 
  4. Chance to test the waters. Although you will not be able to take boats out on the water, you can test the waters by hopping on to the boats, getting a feel for what they would be like and checking out the amount of space. Sometimes, this makes a world of difference! 
  5. You can pick up more gear. If you are running low on any boating gear, there are plenty of vendors that can offer the gear that you need to replenish before the next boating season.