Whether it’s for a holiday like Christmas or Valentine’s Day or it’s just because you feel like it, giving a gift to someone you care about can say so much about your relationship. However, not everyone is easy to shop for. There are plenty of people who don’t have wish lists to give out, and coming up with ideas for them can be challenging. Giving a gift should be a deliberate process that requires some thought. We’ll go over the components of an excellent gift so that you know where to start.


Ever wonder why it is that gift cards are the go-to gifts for people you barely know? It’s because they’re a dime a dozen and not very special. If you want to really give a great gift, it needs to be unique. Consider giving something that is:

  • From a specific time period
  • Very difficult to find
  • In short supply
  • A seasonal item that is only available at certain times
  • Something the receiver wouldn’t find on their own


One of the most critical components of an excellent gift is that it must be thoughtful. Put some real effort into it! You did your research, examined the receiver’s likes and dislikes, determined what could be uniquely useful or entertaining to them, and then made a deliberate purchase. A thoughtful gift is one that the receiver can look over with a glance and know that you understand them as a person.


A gift that means something to someone is usually much more memorable than one that’s merely useful or fun to own. The great thing about meaningful gifts is that it’s not about the gift itself but the meaning behind it. Meaningful gifts can be smaller, such as a family heirloom, a trip to a memorable place, or even a candy you once enjoyed together—but the focus should always be on the receiver rather than the gift itself.


A truly excellent gift is one that the receiver doesn’t see coming. Getting your artist friend new paints or drawing implements is very nice but not necessarily unexpected. However, giving them a ticket to an art show they didn’t know was happening nearby is even better. An unexpected gift is extra memorable. We all might know what we want, but getting something from someone that we hadn’t even considered brings another level of joy entirely.