Hardwood floors can enhance the value of your home if you care for them correctly. Even the most meticulously maintained floors can accumulate dust, dirt, scratches, and stains over time. But finding reliable and simple ways to keep hardwood floors clean and gleaming is less complicated than you might think. Here are the best ways to care for hardwood floors.

Sweep or Vacuum Floors

The first step of cleaning any type of hardwood floor is to vacuum it. You can also use a sweeper if you don’t have a vacuum. The idea is to remove all the dust and dirt on the top of the surface.

Use your vacuum cleaner’s “hard floor” setting. This special setting cleans surface dirt from hardwood floors without damaging them. If your vacuum doesn’t have this setting, perhaps it’s time to replace it with a newer machine that adjusts to hardwood.

A vacuum with rubber wheels is less likely to scratch your hardwood floors.

Clean and Buff Until Shiny

After you sweep, use a microfiber or Swiffer-style mop to wipe up any remaining dust. Use a gentle cleaning product formulated especially for hardwood to clean residue from spills or scuff marks.

Sealed hardwood floors can take a very gently damp mop. Never slop a lot of water on your hardwood floor! Water can penetrate the joints of your floor and cause the floor to warp. It can even cause mold to form.

Once the floor is clean, go over it with a clean microfiber cloth to buff it and give it a nice shine.

Revitalize Your Floors

Hardwood floors are durable, but children and pets can be hard on them, and scratches or dings are bound to happen. Temperature and humidity also affect the quality of your hardwood floors.

If your floors are showing signs of significant wear, like multiple gouges and scratches, it’s time to contact a professional who can sand and reseal your floors. Get several quotes and ask floor care companies about products they recommend to keep floors looking great after restoration. Some floor care companies offer their own branded products, but that doesn’t mean you have to use them.

However, it’s critical to understand exactly what type of stain, sealant, or topcoat your floor care contractor uses, especially if you want to ensure the products are nontoxic. The composition of the floor coatings also affects the types of cleaning products you can use on it once it is dry.

Now that you have a better understanding of the best ways to care for hardwood floors, start by sweeping up. If you still notice dust, dirt, and debris, it’s time to lightly mop. Then use an approved floor polish for the type of topcoat, stain, or sealant on your hardwood floor. Your floors will gleam and improve the overall look of your home!