When we think about performing renovations on our homes, the attic is one of the last places we consider. Though they’re out of the way, attic spaces play a large role in overall home functioning—whether you make it an extra bedroom or simply use it for storage. Because of this, they need upgrading just like other areas of the property. These are some of the benefits of adding ventilation to your attic space and why it’s important to do so.

Reduces Attic Moisture

Attics aren’t often controlled like the rest of the home’s interior. They don’t always have a way of regulating the amount of moisture in the air or even the temperature. They’re one of the most at-risk areas for developing mold and mildew. But by installing proper ventilation, fresh air can sweep through the room and prevent humidity from accumulating. This can go a long way in avoiding mold damage.

Prevents Roofing Damage

Installing the appropriate ventilation in your attic can also preserve the lifespan of your roof. When your attic becomes overheated, it can transfer that energy to the exterior shingles and cause them to age prematurely. This often damages them much faster than you’d expect and puts you at risk for other home maintenance issues. Even metal roofing materials aren’t immune to this effect. Finding a way to ventilate your attic, with a metal roof or otherwise, is crucial if you want these materials to last.

Saves Energy and Money

Another notable benefit of adding ventilation to your attic space is that it can help you save energy and money. Heat buildup ultimately forces your home’s air conditioning unit to work harder to cool the home—especially during the warmer months. This can waste hundreds of dollars each season. Equipping your attic with the tools it needs to release some of that heat will be key in keeping some of your hard-earned cash in your pocket.

Makes the Space Usable

Above all, ventilating your attic makes it more accommodating and useful to you. Extreme temperatures, moisture, and a lack of airflow can make any place unpleasant. These conditions can even damage certain items that you want to store. Ventilation can be the first step toward turning your attic into a convenient space.