What is better than enjoying a refreshing, delicious cocktail with some outstanding waterfront views? Check out some of the best drinks that you must get to sipping– trust us, these will truly quench your thirst! 


South Shore: Jack Honey Smash from Local 02045 in Hull, MA

Whiskey lovers – this is a must-try! The Jack Honey Smash is mixed with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, mint, crushed ice, and a lemon wheel. This cocktail is the perfect combination of citrusy and sweet! 


Cape Cod & Islands: Monkey Mai Tai from 3 Monkeys in Harwich Port, MA

You can never go wrong with a good Mai Tai, especially when it is from 3 Monkeys! The Monkey Mai Tai is mixed with tequila, rum, curacao, orgeat, simple, citrus, as well as a dash of mezcal – “for the fun of it!”


South Coast: Old Fashioned Coffee from Crane Brook Restaurant in Carver, MA

What better way to end a great meal out than with an Old Fashioned Coffee? This cocktail is mixed with Michter’s Rye Whiskey, bitters, sugar, as well as a lemon zest. This is a great drink to pair with your favorite dessert at the end of the night.


East Bay & Aquidneck Island: Kombuchanist from Bar and Board Bistro in Newport, RI

Kombucha is an awesome source of probiotics, so why not add to a delicious cocktail?! The Kombuchanist is mixed with gin, kombucha, pomegranate, raspberry, and lemon. This cocktail not only has some health benefits, but it is also super fruity and refreshing! 


West Bay & South County: Paper Planes from Ogie’s Trailer Park in Providence, RI

The Paper Planes cocktail is mixed with Bourbon, Nonino Amoro, Aperol and lemon. This drink is both citrusy and sweet and has a mild bitter taste to it. For any bourbon lovers, this is the perfect summer beverage to enjoy during a night out!