Have you been looking for a new way that you can stay committed to clean energy? Look no further than SmartFlower – which is sculptural, intelligent and your perfect new investment.  The SmartFlower is an awesome addition to your home to make it more sustainable, ultimately creating a greener life for you and your loved ones! 

So, what makes SmartFlower different? Well, first off, it does not require the hassle and expense of having to install panels onto your roof. This can come at a cost and can often take quite a bit of time. With SmartFlower, it is easy installation that is stress-free. Not to mention, it is aesthetically pleasing and super elegant, so it won’t feel too out of place within the exterior of your home. SmartFlower is also extremely easy to monitor – just download the app and monitor your energy production from wherever you are. 

SmartFlower has a ton of different features, including safety, tracking and cleaning. Especially in New England, strong winds can be very common and often unpredictable. With SmartFlower, when those strong winds are detected, it will close into a safety position, so you don’t need to worry about it breaking. It also tracks the sun throughout the entire duration of the day for maximum energy production. Lastly, SmartFlower has integrated brushes so when the panels fold up, it will automatically sweep away all debris. 

2020 is the year of sustainability – and this is your first step to helping to change the environment for the better!