Before slipping on your shoes and heading out the door, double-check that your home is secure. Otherwise, you’ll question whether all the doors and windows are locked. Did you fasten the door? Is the stove still on? What about the spare key? Did you bring it? Are the security cameras on and recording? These questions fill our minds with anxiety, and to prevent these anxiety-inducing thoughts, you need to secure your home. You’ll appreciate this guide on how to secure your home while you’re away on vacation.

Lock Your Doors and Windows

Did you know that your chances of being robbed rise significantly if your doors and windows aren’t locked while you’re gone? Robberies happen more than you think, so you should be aware when checking for any last-minute safety precautions before leaving. When locking up, make sure your windows have locks on them and every floor is secured.

If you have doors that lock inside your home, make sure they’re locked to prevent thieves from getting into other parts of your house. Give any spare keys to friends and family you trust or keep them on the same keyring as your other keys. If you have patio doors, make sure that the glass has a protecting sealant to help prevent the glass from shattering. And, since locking can only go so far, so place a stopper in between the door and a wall. You can use a chunk of wood or vinyl to help secure the door from opening.

Don’t Post To Social Media

It may be fun to post all of your best vacation photos online, but do this after you come home. That way, anyone looking at your feed or anyone you know won’t try to break into your home. If you do post something online, make sure you have up-to-date security cameras installed around your home. Both interior and exterior should have cameras to document any events that occur.

Keep Your Yard Maintained

It’s a common fact that if a yard isn’t maintained, many assume an abandoned home. The height of your grass or degree of messiness in your garden will display how long you’ve been gone. So, before heading out, consider hiring a professional to help with the maintenance of your yard. The only time you don’t need to worry about yard maintenance is if you live in a community that provides yard maintenance or if your yard only needs to be trimmed once in a while.

Keep your home secured by following these steps on how to secure your home while away on vacation. Even if your vacation is two days, it’s still important to keep these tips in mind when leaving your home for a prolonged amount of time.