LoLa 42 was inspired from LoLa 41, their sister restaurant located on the gorgeous Nantucket Island. LoLa stands for “longitude latitude” and the numbers 41 and 42 represents the parallel that each restaurant resides on. All LoLa restaurants are influenced by the countries and regions that these parallels cross through – everything from the décor inside the restaurants to the atmosphere to their outstanding menus and bar items.

Sushi roll and wine

In LoLa 42, check out the sushi and cocktail bar’s embedded coins from many of the countries that are alongside the 42nd parallel. Not only is the inspiration and history of LoLa 42 amazingly unique, but it is also located in one of the most gorgeous areas of Boston – right in the Seaport! Whether you are looking to go out for a special occasion, a date night, or a fun night out with family and friends, you will not be disappointed with LoLa 42! Check out some of the best items on the menu that you must try when visiting: 

Lola 42’s BEST BITES

Lola 42 lettuce wraps

Hong Kong Chicken Lettuce Cups. 

These lettuce cups are perfect to have as a meal or to share as a starter! The Hong Kong Chicken Lettuce Cups are served with ginger, scallions, green beans, as well as crispy lettuce. These are fresh and full of delicious flavor! 

Capt’n Jose Specialty Roll. 

You will not be disappointed with the sushi that is served at LoLa 42. The Capt’n Jose Specialty Roll is made with spicy salmon and cucumber, topped with salmon, kiwi, and black tobiko, as well as a sesame aji mirin aioli. 

Kung Pao Chicken. 

This dish is perfect for spicy lovers! The Kung Pao Chicken is served with water chestnuts, snow peas, broccoli, steamed rice, a spicy chili crisp, as well as peanuts. This is great to enjoy alone or paired with rice or lo mein! 

The Lola Bolognese. 

In the mood for Italian? The Lola Bolognese is served with ricotta gnocchi, grana Padano, as well as Italian parsley. Especially with the weather getting chillier, the Lola Bolognese is the ultimate comfort food dish! 

The Lola Burger. 

We are obsessed with the Lola Burger – topped with Cabot cheddar cheese, red onion compote, as well as foie gras sauce. This burger will blow your taste buds away! LoLa 42 also offers a vegan burger option as well. 

Lola burgerSpicy Fries. 

These spicy fries are hands down the tastiest fries in all of Boston. The spicy fries are crisped to absolute perfection and have the perfect amount of kick to them. These are meant for sharing but trust me, you will need an order all to yourself! 


Seaside sips at Lola 42 Boston

Lola Spritz. 

Spritz season can be every season! The Lola Spritz is mixed with Yuzu Liqueur, Aperol, Elderflower, as well as Prosecco. This cocktail is extremely refreshing and great to pair with a pasta! 


Tequila lovers – this one is for you! The Aphrodite is mixed with Anejo tequila, lemon, honey, passion fruit, strawberry, and jalapeno, and topped with a citrus chili rim. This cocktail is a great mixture of spice and citrus! 

Hibiscus Blueberry Margarita. 

For something fruitier, check out the Hibiscus Blueberry Margarita. This margarita is mixed with tequila, blueberry hibiscus, lime, as well as agave. 

Queen’s Gambit. 

The Queen’s Gambit is just as much of a gorgeous drink as it is a delicious one! The Queen’s Gambit is mixed with Empress Gin, peach, cinnamon, and lemon. This is a great seasonal cocktail to enjoy during the winter season! 

Tokyo Drift.

If you are a whiskey lover – do not miss out on the Tokyo Drift! The Tokyo Drift cocktail is mixed with Hatozaki whiskey, St. Germain, Foro Amaro, as well as passion fruit.