At the root of aesthetic appeal is real value. The value of your home is critical both now and in the future. It should be both a place of comfort that you can find pleasure in while you live there and a valuable investment for when you decide to move on.

If you want the best of both worlds, it may be prime time to make meaningful improvements to your home’s features and design. If you’re curious about how to improve the aesthetic value of your home, consider the following ideas to help you take a step in the right direction.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

If food is the way to the soul, then the kitchen is the true heart of a home. A minor, major, or modest kitchen renovation should be near the top of your list of optimal aesthetic improvements. Details make a difference here just as much as the focal features of the room. Search for inspiration for your ideal space, and plan how you’ll add a homey touch.

You may wish to go big and switch to all stainless steel appliances, more natural lighting, or eco-friendly countertop options, but don’t be afraid to simply take advantage of a color wheel, either. A palette of suitable shades and detailed hardware, such as cabinet or faucet knobs, can create a subtle, stunning contrast. Smart, simple changes can instantly make a space more open and attractive.

Plant a Small Garden

Nothing is more beautiful than nature itself. One way to improve the aesthetic value of your home is to utilize your green thumb. A well-spruced outdoor garden is eye-catching, especially with a variety of colorful flowers that create a sense of peace and harmony. There’s no need to be elaborate—add small-scale area enhancements or highlight focal features.

If you already have a garden outside your home, make sure to maintain and de-clutter it throughout the seasons. Continual upkeep will sustain a garden’s organic appeal. Your family, friends, and passersby alike will be in awe of its exquisite simplicity.

Revamp or Install a Fireplace

Indoor fireplaces have been a valuable part of living spaces since medieval times. Traditional fireplaces in our modern era often function to add aesthetic value as much as providing warmth. A wide array of fireplaces exist these days, and if you choose to update yours or install a new one, it’s important to know how to care for your fireplace.

Whether it’s classic wood-burning, natural gas, gas-inset, or free-standing, your fireplace should also fit within your home’s personal style. A fireplace shouldn’t naturally dominate the entirety of a room but rather act as a centerpiece that draws one’s eyes. No matter what you decide to revamp or remodel within your home, have peace of mind that any of the above ideas will provide unique aesthetic value for years to come.