Home Improvement – Wiha Insulated 6-Piece Composite Handle Insulated Screwdriver Set – $80.63

The Wiha tools are insulated and individually tested to 10,000 V and certified to 1000 Volt AC or 1500 DC. It includes a 6-piece insulated screwdriver and pliers set, featuring an ergonomic dual Durometer molded soft comfort grip as well as a high leverage DynamicJoint® design to reduce cutting effort on pliers. 

Grilling – Man Crates’ Kebab King Crate – $59.99

The Kebab King Crate includes flavor enhancers for the perfect grilling day or night. It includes Shan Bihari Kaba mix, Gardel’s Chimichurri Auténtico, as well as Yakitori Sauce. For tools, the set includes non-stick skewers, bamboo paddle skewers, as well as a 100% cotton absorbent towel. 

Landscaping – Amazing Rake 18 in-Lawn and Leaf Rake – $39.95

The Amazing Rake is a new, unique, and ergonomically designed rake that eliminates the bending and stooping that can be hard on your knees and back. It features a 3-in-1 tool to efficiently rake, scoop and pick up yard debris, and is totally rust resistant. Further, it features a “Twist Lock” to allow the rake head to lock in multipe positions. 

Exercise – Fat Gripz Pro – $29.95

A simple, proven way to get bigger biceps and stronger forearms! The Fat Gripz and thick bar grips work by wrapping around the weights, whether they are barbells, dumbbells, or pull up bars, and increasing the diameter. The bigger diameter forces your arms to grow fast!