How to Find the Perfect Beach


When looking for the perfect beach there are a few things you have to consider. Although you might think all beaches are the same, there are many components that make a perfect beach. Surf, sand and not to mention, the perfect amount of sun on your skin. Whether you’re traveling, vacationing, or just simply looking for a new beach to sit back and relax at, here are a few pro tips on how to pick the perfect beach;


Local Beaches

Ask the Locals

While you can research all you want, if you want a quiet private spot where tourists don’t go, you probably won’t have much luck finding it on the web. Befriending the locals will get you into the top-secret beaches that are missed by almost all incomers. 


Restaurants on the beach


While on vacation you’ll most likely want a drink in your hand. When picking the perfect beach, check out if they’re restaurants near. Doing so will keep you refreshed all day while in the hot sun. Not to mention, you’ll be in the best location if you’re looking for a light bite of fresh local cuisine by the water. 


Sandy beach


You may think all beaches consist of soft, golden sand. Unfortunately, they’re not. When looking for the ideal beach you’ll want to research the land material. If you’re looking to bring home a unique shell to you’re loved ones, a shore filled with shells is the way to go. If not, and you’re looking to sunbathe you’ll probably want sandy coast with no shells. It’s all up to you. 



Wave Theory

Choosing the waves that are ideal for you and your group is essential. What waves you dip into can determine your enjoyment for the day. If the surf is too powerful, there’s a likelihood of dangerous rip currents and you won’t want to dip in for a refreshing swim. Although picking a shore with too little surf might not be enough fun for everyone. Before heading to the beach, talk to your tour guide or local surf instructor, they’re the experts. 




Lots of hot summer destinations, specifically islands, have highly populated beaches and or beaches with a lack of road access. If you’re looking to sit back and relax at an exclusive beach, hire a local boat service. This will give you access to explore the coast and discover the empty pieces of paradise many don’t have the chance to see, you won’t regret it!