Daylight Savings is behind us and suddenly, it’s bright again at 5 o’clock. The car starts to feel warmer when you enter it and the sun radiates the slightest sense of heat against your skin. Spring celebrates the end of winter, and signifies the chance for a fresh start and renewal—and with renewal comes the daunting task of spring cleaning. No one jumps for joy at the thought of tackling the mess that has built-up over several months of time. However, you’ll be left with a spotless and clutter-free home that feels as fresh as spring. This week, get started with your spring cleaning efforts:
Create a Difimgresferent Mood
We often get so caught up in winter that we neglect to put away forgotten holiday decorations or “cool colors.” Take a good look around your home or do some spring redecorating. Get rid of the balsam candle in the bathroom, the Christmas calendar on the door, and the red blanket on the couch. Spice things up with spring by adding light, fruity scents and bright colors such as pillows or throws. These small additions will make a big difference in the atmosphere of your home.
Organize Closetsimages
Spring cleaning is about actually cleaning—not just throwing the mess into your closet. This means cleaning the rooms, then tackling the closets. It can be hard to give items up, but it’s important to consider the space you can gain by letting go of your belongings. As you go through your clothing, ask yourself when the last time was that you wore an item, if it fits, and if it is likely you will wear it again. Strongly consider donating any unwanted items—you will free up a considerable amount of space in your closet.
Clean Carpetimgres-1s/Upholstery
That’s right—fabrics that have absorbed a winter’s worth of dirt, body oil and germs need a deep cleaning to prepare for another year. Don’t risk close inspection by your guests who might notice an unforgiving amount of wear. If you don’t want to spend a day or two shifting furniture to do the job right, call in a professional cleaner. Make your spring cleaning efforts worth the time and energy.