Butler’s Contracting provides first class renewable energy solutions, installation and consultation by harnessing the unlimited power of solar and generating your our own clean, affordable, and sustainable alternative energy across a wide spectrum of applications. We offer the unique capability and experience to assist our customers in designing a system that best suits their property’s energy demands and work directly with our customers in all aspects of the project throughout the entire process. “Made in the USA”, the technological advancements of these panels and controllers will allow our company to push to envelope of solar service with cutting edge products that will help transform the clean energy industry. The State & Federal Tax Incentives are quite substantial and are due to expire December 31, 2016. Act now to maximize all tax credits available. Reduce your electric grid consumption immediately while also avoiding increasing energy rates.
Residential & Commercial Solar Systems
A region as diverse and historical as New England can present a number of challenges for energy efficiency improvements and solar projects, this system overcomes those limitations. During the installation process we strategically install the panels in the most effective location without detracting from the appearance of the building, while also allowing complete access to flat roofs, unlike older mounted crystalline panels. Designed specifically to integrate with any roof.

  • No mounting hardware
  • No roof penetrations
  • No additional wind load
  • Flexible & Lightweight Module
  • Virtually Unbreakable
  • 20 year Life Expectancy
  • No structural reinforcement required
  • Adheres directly to any surface without penetrations
  • Approved for roofing manufacturer warranties
  • Generates electricity at low light levels
  • Power output far exceeding older “glass panels”
  • Shadow, Snow, High Heat Tolerant
  • Power Ratings from 68W to 136W
  • Commercial Grid-Connected Systems
  • Residential Grid-Connected Systems
  • Stand Alone Lithium Battery Backup-Systems & Storage
  • Home Renovation / New Construction
  • Metal Roof & Parking Structures