summer infantWireless signals bounce around every room of today’s modern homes, including the nursery. Summer Infant offers a Baby Touch WiFi Video monitor and internet viewing system that you will want to use so you can feel more free to move about your home to get things done. You will have constant visual access to your little angel, reducing the anxiety you may have, from the uncertainty about how your baby is doing. The Summer Infant video monitor adds end-to-end wireless features that extend auditory awareness when there are several rooms between you and baby. The Baby Touch WiFi Video Monitor & Internet Viewing System is a multi-platform system that enables in-home, constant and overnight monitoring on the 3.5” color touchscreen monitor. In home and away from home viewing is also supported through the WiFi app for apple and android devices. You can now use your smartphone, tablet, and computer, which is great for working parents!
The in-home monitor(or your device) conveniently allows you to check the temperature and remotely control pan, scan, and multi-level zoom camera. Encrypted video with bank-level security allows you to check on your baby anytime, anywhere giving you piece of mind knowing they are safe and sound. Catch those little moments whether you are at the office or out on date night.
Choose Summer Infant WiFi Video Monitor & Internet Viewing System for the best user experience, allowing you to always catch the little moments! Buy yours today at participating retailers or on