babbleBandRechargeBabble Band by Summer Infant is the first wearable audio monitor that allows parents to feel close to the baby no matter where they are in the house. Babble Band features a soft, silicone-like plastic wristband that adjusts to comfortably fit both parents. Like a traditional watch, the Babble Band also has an adjustable sturdy and stylish strap. There are three monitoring modes:  audio and lights, sounds lights only, and vibration and lights. During “audio mode”, the sound to the watch through the audio transmitter is clear, and the watch offers volume controls. On “vibration mode,” the watch quickly buzzes with each noise that is emitted from baby’s room. The “sound light only mode”, is there in case you don’t want any audible distraction, featuring lights that flash to alert you of any noise.  All three of these modes allow you to determine whether the baby is babbling or full-on crying based on how much Babble-Band-Life-5the sound indicator lights up. Get up to 8 hours of continuous use with the convenient rechargeable battery. The baby unit audio transmitter also acts as a recharging base for the band. Travel anywhere in your house with the Babble Band’s impressive 800-foot range allowing you to accomplish everyday tasks.
Babble Band is eye appealing and small. The interface is simple and easy to navigate. With one large single button on the baby unit – the power button – and a main button on the band itself, the Babble Band is made for the bleary-eyed parent. Made with a simple and unobtrusive design. The watch glows red when activity is detected and you can opt to chime in to see if your little one is awake without the constant sound of static!
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