The modern “smart home” is still learning, and everyone is talking about the connected home. Smart home technology is becoming the new norm. With the tech world rushing to make everything internet connected, the home appears to be the area with the most potential for change and lasting effect. Every day we’re hearing about a new smart home device that’s available to make our homes more secure, convenient or just plain cool. It’s amazing what home automation can do, from turning the lights on automatically, locking the doors behind you without using a key, or accessing your home’s systems while you’re away. If you have an appreciation for leading technology, there are devices out there to help you in your day-to-day lives.
These are New England HomeLife’s top picks for best smart home products:
SummerInfantwiFiSummer Infant – The WiFi Baby Cam | $249.99
For peace of mind ,while you are away from home or doing household tasks the Baby Zoom WiFi Video Monitor & Internet Viewing System enables in-home viewing via handheld monitor and viewing on smartphones, tablets and more. The in-home monitor(or your device) conveniently allows you to check the temperature and remotely control pan, scan, and multi-level zoom camera.
Nest Learning Thermostat | $249
The Nest Learning Thermostat is the face of smart home technology for most, but depending on what your home is like, it’s not irrelevant to say this product is superior. It is capable of learning your preferences and schedule, then adjusting the temperature accordingly, and is better looking and more enjoyable to use than the basic pieces of plastic that occupy most households.
Phillips Hue | $79.95
The Philips Hue is equivalent with the “smart lighting” concept, but that’s because it works, and it’s fun. While nobody really needs a smartphone app that turns their lights blue, the Hue family of devices makes it easy to adjust the mood of a room.
Amazon Echo | $179.99
The Amazon Echo serves as a Siri or Google Now for your home, a digital assistant that can tell you the weather, crawl the web for random info, fire up some music, set alarms or calendar events, adjust a growing number of other smart home devices, and more, all upon your request.
Belkin WeMo Wireless Light Control Switch | $49.99
Belkin’s WeNo Switch devices make it so you’re never anxious about leaving something plugged in once you’re not home. Simply plug it into an existing AC outlet, connect to your WiFi network, and then allow you to turn on or off whatever’ plugged into them through the corresponding app.
August Smart Lock | $199
The August Smart Lock allows you to remotely control a door lock. Keys have never been unusually complicated, but the Smart Lock looks good, isn’t tough to install, and goes over your deadbolt instead of replacing it entirely.
Ring Video Doorbell | $199
The Ring Video Doorbell allows you to see who’s there from anywhere, it’s like you’re home even when you’re not. Featuring HD video, smart motion detection, and cloud recording.
Rachio | $199.99
Rachio turns your local forecasts, soil and plant types, sun exposure and more into a customized watering schedule. Allowing you to save up to 50% on your outdoor watering bill, giving your plants the amount of water they need to stay healthy and looking great.