Every homeowner knows the struggle of the hearing that beeping noise and knowing something is wrong with either your smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector but you aren’t sure which monitor it is or what exactly is wrong with it. The Nest Protect solves this problem and eases the lives of homeowners in numerous other ways. Nest Protect is a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that speaks to you and tells you exactly what and where the problem is located. It also alerts your phone of issues and low batteries, sending you monthly safety reports and a nightly promise . The Nest Protect app lets you control the volume or shut off an alarm which comes in handy when you just burned the popcorn and are already aware there is smoke filling the kitchen. It works as a path light while walking through your home at night. The Nest Protect will keep your family and home safe from fires and carbon monoxide while eliminating the annoyance that traditional smoke and carbon monoxide detectors present. With the Nest Protect you, “know more and worry less”.
There are other Nest products that work with Nest Protect such as the camera which if carbon monoxide or smoke is decided it will record a video to show you what happened. The Nest Thermostat will automatically shut down if Nest Protect detects a problem ensuring a fire doesn’t spread. Nest Protect also hooks up with Phillips lightbulbs that will flash on and off acting as an alarm if an issue is detected. For more information on Nest Products visit their website.
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