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Life happens and for many of us work allows us to have the life we always envisioned for our families as well as for ourselves. But what’s the point if we don’t make time to play? Let your simulator be your gathering place, your clubhouse, your Family time. From gaming, to jr golf with skill level & jr tees, to movies / tv, music, family media library access and more, the simulator is your one stop shop for your family’s entertainment.

With almost 30 years of golf simulation experience, aboutGolf continues to drive the indoor golf world with new innovations available only with their PGA TOUR Simulators. The company’s stated goal is more than just providing their customers the best indoor golf experience available. Theodore Stechschulte, COO, says the company’s desire is a superior customer experience. “aboutGolf works with clients to provide more than a great golf simulator. We’ll create a customized and fully integrated entertainment destination in their home.”

aboutGolf’s newest innovation is fli™ Smart Simulator technology, “The next generation of aG Portal,” says Mr. Stechschulte, “a product that revolutionized the indoor simulator market 3 years ago. Portal enabled HDTV in PIP mode, full-screen movies and streaming content, and easy access tablet-like menus. fli™ does more, accommodating up to 8 external sources (gaming consoles, HDTV sources, etc.), on-screen enhancements and effects like electronic curtains, and a new interface to home automation systems.”
aboutGolf accommodates virtually any home requirement with five fully customizable classes of simulators, from the popular Classic and WideScreen designs to the aG Curve, a unique, premium indoor golf experience.
Mr. Stechschulte adds, “In the end, it’s still aboutGolf. We bring the same technology our clients see live and on-air on the Golf Channel into their homes.” aG’s patented 3Trak Machine Vision Technology provides the most accurate shot, ball and club data available, bringing that realism indoors. There are 18
Hazeltine 16

Hazeltine 16 photo courtesy of aboutGolf

Practice Venues for long clubs, pitching and putting. Customers can play some of the finest golf venues in the world, such as Hazeltine National Golf Club, this year’s Ryder Cup venue. All courses are carefully 3D Rendered and recreated in the home environment, so our clients can play the full game from tee to green the way it’s supposed to be played. Over 70 great course experiences are available.
Gleneagles photo courtesy of E Foos

Gleneagles photo courtesy of E Foos

 Whether tuning up your game on the driving range, playing a round with friends on one of the top golf venues in the world, or enjoying a movie or other HD content on the big screen, our PGA TOUR Simulators will exceed your expectations in home recreation and entertainment.
with endless options, aG Portal™ is exactly what it sounds like, a door to worlds of entertainment for both you and your family. If you can imagine it, you can probably do it on an aboutGolf® SmartSim™. The Portal provides seamless entrance into the PGA Tour Simulator for nearly any content. Truly a family destination each and every day.