Whether you’re doing a complete overhaul or you just need to replace a few pieces, sticking with these top trends for 2018 is the way to go.
For many of us, our outdoor living space has become our second living room. Outdoor living now means a lot more than a few lounge chairs scattered on a brick patio or some rocking chairs lined up across your front porch,” says Zoe Gowen, Senior Home Editor for Southern Living. “People are embracing the idea of outdoor rooms.”  Today, people want the same amount of comfort and convenience from their outdoor living space as they do from their inside living room.
 Comfort takes precedence for patio furniture and is one of the most popular trends for outdoor furniture in 2018. From oversized pillows and cushions to full upholstered pieces designed in soft, durable outdoor fabrics, people want to relax and feel comfortable while enjoying their time outdoors.

Bring indoor comfort and style to outdoor spaces. Photo Courtesy Dartmouth Casual Furniture

This season is all about bringing indoor comfort and style to outdoor spaces with details that make decks, porches and balconies uniquely yours. Set out a coffee table and coordinating side tables and bedeck with Moroccan-style lanterns and candle holders.  Bright colors and fun patterns will continue to be a favorite choice for many, but darker hues are now making their way outdoors.
Various shades of coastal blues featuring nautical prints and watercolor-effect patterns are in the spotlight. Charcoal greys and blacks will also be very popular this year.

Photo Courtesy of Bristol Patio

Newer to the market is GREIGE, a blend of beige and grey that brings a warmth to some cooler gray tones. Of course, there is always the classic black frame which is timeless and will live on for years to come.
With advances made in furniture materials and fabric technology, it’s possible to have fully upholstered furniture outside. It’s also nice to combine different kinds of furniture to get a collected look just like you would in your living room. Patio furniture can take your outdoor space from good to great and is an excellent way to extend your family’s living space to the outdoors.

Photo Courtesy of Summers Wicker & Patio Furniture

There are many ways to entertain and enjoy life outdoors. For those looking for something highly unique, very useful and entertaining there is a new choice, Firetaining. Spending more time outdoors means you’ll spend more time cooking outdoors.

Outdoor Fire Table-Firetainment-Monaco – Photo Courtesy of Dartmouth Casual Furniture

When it’s all about the food – go firetaining. Firetaining is about getting the most out of a fire pit table. These tables cleverly combine the utility of a grill, the entertaining space of a table and the mesmerizing appeal of a fire pit all in one. A fire pit table is a modern way to enjoy cooking outdoors.
PHOTO & TITLE: Photo Courtesy of Porch & Patio Casual Living
For the finishing touch to your new outdoor space, accessorize your patio furniture with patio décor such as outdoor lighting, outdoor rugs, umbrellas, planters and more. Now enjoy.