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Malloch Construction has been a fixture in the building industry for 30 years in the region. Apple Valley, Chace Farms in Taunton, Nachaomet in Lakeville, Padelford Estates in Berkley, Sandy Brook in Norton, Sandy Hill Estates in Berkley are just some of the completed neighborhoods by Malloch over the years. Malloch construction has put more families in quality homes over 3 decades than any builder or developer in the region. Their lasting philosophy of first quality at every price point has been the foundation of the company’s success in home building. The company’s newest developments, Pine Hill Estates in Berkley, The Settlement in Taunton, Powhattan Village in East Taunton and Chace Parker Estates in Freetown continue to reflect the commitment to quality building and development of homes for living and communities for life.
Joe Malloch spent a few minutes with us to talk about market recently, Joe said,” We are nearly back to the pricing we had before the market crashed in 2005 and 2006 but today it is even more critical to manage building cost. While prices may be close to the highs in the past, expenses for building have risen significantly in the last 10 years. Today’s homes we are building are built with higher technology and more efficient products, technology in building has made great strides. Building codes have also changed a great deal, keeping up with all of this is key. The consumer today is better informed than ever. One of Malloch’s most recent projects is Pierce’s Point Estates in Berkley along the Taunton River and Assonet Bay Shores. This 29 lot subdivision has 10 water view lots. The property has community boat and beach access, lots range from 1.5 acres to 2.5 acres and complete home packages are available from the mid $400,000’