Owning a home requires a lot of work. Between paying monthly bills and simply keeping your space clean, additional home maintenance tasks can tend to slip your mind from time to time. However, certain household responsibilities can cause serious issues if you forget them. Here are some of the most crucial home maintenance tasks you should never forget to complete.

Cleaning Out Your Dryer Vent Duct

One of the most important home maintenance tasks to complete is cleaning out your dryer vent duct. The reason why this task is so imperative for homeowners to complete is because failing to do so can create a serious fire hazard—and negatively affect your dryer’s performance. Over time, lint and other debris will start to build up in the vent ductwork of your dryer. Such buildup is highly flammable, and it serves as a leading cause of house fires. To avoid this safety risk, make sure to clean your dryer vent ductwork at least every six months.

Pressure-Washing the Exterior of Your Home

To keep the outside of your home in good condition, consider pressure-washing it regularly. Because your house’s exterior endures constant exposure to the elements, ice, rain, and dirt can start to cause damage over time if you don’t take precautionary measures. By power-washing your home’s siding, roof, deck, patio, and driveway, you can prevent stains, mold, and surface damage from occurring. Power-washing your home’s exterior at least once a year should help you preserve its appearance and get rid of any harmful substances.

Changing Your AC Filter

Another home maintenance task you should never forget to complete is changing your air conditioner’s filter. Over time, your AC filter can become clogged with dirt, pet dander, and other debris. If you don’t replace or clean the clogged filter, this barrier of debris can have numerous negative effects. For example, a clogged AC filter can reduce the air conditioner’s efficiency, cause premature wear and tear on the system, and decrease the comfort of your home, since the system won’t be able to cool your space as effectively.

Clean Your Gutters

Regularly cleaning your gutters is a tedious yet vital task. Over time, sticks, leaves, and other types of debris will clog your gutters. When a clog forms, water can’t flow out of the gutter like it’s supposed to. Instead, the water will pool in the gutter, and it may overflow onto the roof or the side of the home—potentially causing mold, water damage, and leaks in the process. In addition, clogged gutters make nice homes for all sorts of pests, which can increase your risk of an infestation. Depending on the type of foliage you have near your house, you should clean your gutters every three months or so.