Windows come in all shapes and sizes, yet the one thing they have in common is their purpose: controlling light and privacy. Depending on their orientation to the sun and public spaces, some need just an impression of cover, while others need more significant privacy features. 

Whether you have a new or existing home the task of designing and specifying window treatments can be daunting. The first step is to identify the two types of window treatments you may need; HARD- the functional window coverings such as blinds and SOFT- these are the decorative treatments made out of fabric. While common window coverings can work for just about any window style or size, unique treatments can be the most captivating. Designs that creatively use everyday materials in unexpected ways can make a huge impact on the look of a
room. Steven Souza at Window Works in Swansea, MA is a master craftsman when it comes to window treatment for your home. For over 25 years he has been providing homes and businesses in Southern New England with award winning products and services. “Advances in technology and design today offer consumers so much more to choose from and at very affordable prices. Professionally installed window treatments provide lasting solutions to beautify your home and ad value to your property as well,” said Steve. One way to add pattern to a room is at the windows. This is typically done with fabric, whether it’s voluminous swaths of drapery or tailored, functional shades. Both are excellent options, but there are other possibilities as well.
Wooden blinds have become a very popular product in our line and they create a wonderful ambience in any room and offer complete privacy Window_Treatmentsas well. Window Works provides design consultants that will come to your home to advise you on what works best for each individual application and will handle measuring and samples of various styles and colors to suit your needs. Steve said, “ We take pride in our award-winning service and products and fully guarantee all products and installations. We do not hire sub-contractors; our technicians install all our products only. I think the most common misconception that people have today is that the big box stores must be less expensive. The truth is you can have professional in home service and installation of window treatments and spend about the same amount.” In our homes and businesses today window treatments provide us with function, design and style that make a very clear statement about the look and feel of the space we both live and work in. Great looking windows ad value and marketability to property and can be a huge advantage to selling a property a well. The first impression in any room is the light and the windows. “2013 was one of our busiest years in business and 2014 is starting off pretty much the same. It seems the economy has turned and people are investing in their homes with many updates and improvements, window treatments seem to be high on their list,” Steven said.

You will find the staff at Window Works to be friendly and professional. They offer options for almost any price point and guarantee all installations.

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