When it comes to modern day home trends there are ten trends that you should know about for your home. If you are getting ready to put your home on the market you can use this checklist to determine what updates you may want to consider. If you are currently in the market to buy a new (or new to you) house then you may want to consider some of these trends.
Updates That Sell
Two of the most valuable updates that you will find in a home include an updated kitchen and updated bathrooms. These are projects that no one really wants to take on but are important. If you are house hunting you may be put off by a kitchen that needs a complete renovation. An outdated bathroom is disheartening also. House hunters who find houses with updated kitchen and bathrooms are more prone to overlook other cosmetic necessities such as the need for new carpet or lighting. Those projects become minor imperfections when they are presented with aesthetically pleasing kitchens and baths.
Smart Homes Are Smarter
One of the hottest trends you may be looking for is smart homes. A smart home is not necessary but it is nice. Smart features won’t necessarily seal the deal on a contract but they will definitely add some benefits to the home. You have the ability to control the electric, heat and other devices when you aren’t even home. Some smart homes have window features that will shut automatic blinds. These smart features can provide a sense of security and functionality while saving you money on your utility bills. Smart features are quite appealing to potential buyers.
Security Systems
People are working longer days with longer commute times. Unfortunately, package stealing has become quite common with the uprise of online shopping. Security systems that are connected to your smart device are a wonderful way to deter potential thieves. Home shoppers are taking note of this trend. Some security systems that sync to your smartphone also have communication options. You can literally speak to the person on your porch from your security system while you are away. You can also take still frames of the person on your porch and video clips. This smart security feature is highly desirable for house hunters.
Solar Energy
While we are discussing money saving trends that house hunters and homeowners alike are enjoying; let’s consider solar energy panels. Installing solar energy panels will severely cut back on your monthly electric bill. You can completely operate your house off of the solar energy that is converted from these panels. Homeowners are benefiting from this trendy feature and house hunters are rejoicing when they find houses that will cut back on their monthly bills. Many offer financing homeowners who want to establish solar energy and other energy saving devices throughout their homes.
Landscape Can Make A Difference
First opinions of a property are huge. The first thing people see when they pull up into the drive in the landscaping. If you are selling your home this would be a good time to reach out to a local landscaper to do some yard clean up. The first look at a home will set the tone for the rest of the walkthrough.
Rain Barrels
This is one of the least expensive purchases that a homeowner can make that will add value to their property. Rising water prices can be discouraging. House hunters who notice aesthetically pleasing rain water collection barrels instantly take note in the money saving potential that these offers. Homeowners can water their lawns and gardens with water that is collected during heavy rainstorms.
The Big Ticket Items
This is not a trend but a necessity. When house hunting homeowners want to know about all of the major repairs or renovations that have been done and what need to be done. A roof that needs to be replaced can be a deterrent. If you are selling your house and you know your roof needs to be replaced a brand new roof can be a major selling point. Other items include HVAC systems, windows and siding. Many potential home buyers do not want to tackle large home renovations.
Keep It Clean
A trend that any real estate agent will make you aware of is cleanliness. Many agents recommend that you hire a cleaning company to come in prior to photos being taken. Agents need to take well thought out photos of a home. These photos are the sneak peek that potential buyers have. A clean house will photograph well and the MLS pictures will provide a good first impression. It is also good to have a tidy home for open house days.
Find a Pet Hotel
This is a major trend right now for house hunting. If you are planning on having an open house for your property make sure to have your furry friends in a safe environment outside of the house. Many animal day care facilities exist that can accommodate all-day pet sitting services. When you are coming into a house to see the house you do not want to be distracted by barking dogs or over friendly cats.
Make It Comfortable
HGTV and other home improvement networks continually air shows with home buying and selling tips. Add some eye-catching texture to your homes such as plush throws and colourful pillows. Leave a plate of freshly baked cookies out and have some appealing plug-in diffusers strategically placed around the home. This will make potential buyers feel comfortable and at home.
If you are selling your home and you follow these ten tips you may experience a surge in house hunters visiting your open houses and setting up private viewings. If you are house hunting you will want to consider smart technology in homes. You will also need to think about renovations that you will need to take on once you purchase the property. These tips will help prepare you for your next home purchase.