The Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets have a timeless quality and always brightened up the space; and, while we will never stop seeing painted white cabinets go out of style, there are a couple of new color trends starting to pick up steam for 2018.

Gray is in, White is Out


Gray is becoming the new neutral color for kitchen cabinets

There is a slight shift away from white and moving toward gray. While lighter shades of gray will never brighten up a kitchen in the same way that white cabinets do, many come close. Gray, a neutral color, will also look good alongside warm or cool accent colors.

Navy Cabinets

Dark Blue cabinets are becoming popular for their classy look.

On the bolder side, and almost unheard of only one or two years ago, dark blue or navy painted cabinets are becoming popular for their classy look. While bold colors are never as flexible as white or gray, navy or dark blue colored kitchen cabinets seem to work well with just about any style of kitchen décor. Especially, when it is paired with white or light-gray perimeter cabinets.

The CountertopsQuartz over Granite?


Another timeless material that will probably outlast us all is Granite. However, granite’s one great flaw is that it is a porous surface that can stain. Quartz to the rescue. Quartz has been around for decades but was not very stylish. Today, modern manufacturing techniques have allowed the creation of solid quartz counters that deliver style, design, and flair.

Minimalism is the Trend

Store small kitchen appliances out of sight

Our everyday life is cluttered enough; our kitchen counters shouldn’t be. Kitchen accessories and small appliances such as toasters, blenders, mixers, coffee makers, microwaves, and cutting boards are moving off the countertops and finding new homes in Appliance Garages and cabinets specifically built to house those indispensable modern-day appliances.


Stainless Steel continues to be popular even though more homeowners are opening up to other styles and finishes. Most major manufacturers have been trying out many different materials over the last 5 years, trying to be the first to find that “next big thing”. Made by GE, Slate appliances are on trend this year.


GE slate kitchen appliances

A matte slate finish is easy to keep clean and resists the dreaded fingerprints that make stainless steel difficult. Slate matches any cabinet or countertop finish and is style-neutral. Also, trending is Colored appliances. Colored appliances look great in a mid-century modern or an eclectic home and in an open kitchen, will add design and style that help it match the rest of the house.
As with most things concerning the home, always do your research and read all the pros and cons of each style and finish. If you plan to stay in your home for the next 10-15 year, then choose whatever you like. You’re the one who will see it every day and it should make you happy.
If you are updating your kitchen for resale, then go with neutral colors, quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances and minimalism.