Improve Your Outdoor Living Space

It used to be that unless you lived way down south of the Mason-Dixon line, you had less than a handful of months, at best, to enjoy your outdoor areas. It used to be you had a grill, a burger, a table and chairs along with the kids and a neighborly chat?
Today, people are spending less time traveling and more time at home. As a result, manufacturers and the retail markets have responded with an abundance of innovative products that help us stretch out the seasons by offering whole outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, even waterproof electronics and more. The newest designs in outdoor living spaces do not simply feature the look of the indoors – but the functionality as well.

Living Space

Outdoor Living Space

The movement toward ‘outdoor living space’ has evolved into fully functional outdoor kitchens and highly sophisticated entertainment centers that make it even more difficult to determine where the indoors ends and the outdoors begins.

Four Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Living Space Perfect

  1. But it’s not all about the cooking; entertaining has become easier and more enjoyable. Deck railings, for example, have taken on a more functional role in today’s backyards. One of the most popular trends right now is the ‘cocktail railing,’ which provides a flat surface for you and your guests to place drinks and plates.
    Living Space

    Cocktail railings

  2.  Sleek LED Lighting is another “bright” idea for adding versatility to the outdoors. Integrating outdoor lighting extends the time you spend outdoors and creates landscape drama when the sun goes down.
    Living Space

    LED lighting

  3. Take your man cave outdoors. The latest functional outdoor living trends offer televisions and entertainment equipment specifically designed for the outdoors.
    Living Space

    Televisions and Entertainment Equipment

  4. Add a roof over your deck and extend your time outside. You won’t need to retreat indoors when the weather turns bad. You can even keep your outdoor deck theme by customizing your roof. Feature walls are great for privacy and protection from the sun and wind. Outdoor feature walls are typically a vertical extension of the roof and can, also, be customized to compliment your outdoor living space.
    Living Space

    Roofs with Feature Walls

Building the perfect outdoor living space can take time and a lot of hard work. But in the end, the result may increase the value of your home and bring you hours of outdoor enjoyment with friends and family.