Is your outdoor living space missing out on the soothing sound of a babbling brook? There is nothing more relaxing than sitting down beside a waterfall, fountain or pond. Water features give an added touch when it comes to outdoor relaxation and can help drown out noise from the neighbors or a busy street.
Water features can blend right into the foliage you have in your backyard or your garden. A wall-mounted fountain with a substantial vertical drop makes quite a splash in a patio garden. Water features don’t have to be hidden away in the foliage though, they can also be a focal point for your outdoor space.

Outdoor Living Space

Customized natural waterfall blends into your foliage.

Add some flair to any exterior wall or privacy fence with a beautifully-sculpted wall fountain. An outdoor water wall is without a doubt one of the most striking and visually stunning water features available. Because they are exceptionally lightweight, these outdoor fountains can be mounted on any wall, and are easy to move and reinstall if you decide to rearrange your space.

Wall Mounted Fountain

Depending on the style you choose, some sound like tiny waterfalls from a mountain stream while others use a wide surface and pour over the wall in a graceful sheet of water that plunges into a basin below. This type can be noisy, so make sure it won’t be annoying to you. Fountains can also be customized to replicate natural waterfalls in front of a patio wall. These are composed of small boulders, rocks, and live plants and fish.

Elegant tiered fountain adds the wow factor to your home’s entrance

An elegant tiered water fountain can accent your yard and add soothing sounds of trickling water and open basins that serve as bird baths. A water fountain they can be simple or elaborate, budget-friendly or totally extravagant. Fountains can be made from a variety of materials such as stone, concrete, poly-resin, ceramic, cast-stone and other materials, and can also have special details like solar power or light features. Choosing a water fountain for your outdoor space is a great way to make your yard look more attractive. It’s a stylish and beautiful touch that will really stand out.

Outdoor wall water fountain with glass lighting box

Nothing gives your outdoor space the wow factor like a lighted water feature wall. The soothing sounds can completely transform your atmosphere, and a trendy style can completely transform your design.
Ready to take the plunge? Your intent for adding water to your landscape will be the first step in helping you determine what type of water feature to install. If you envision yourself interacting with nature, then an ecosystem pond with fish and plants is in order. If you simply want to enjoy the sound of running water while sitting on the deck or patio, then a Waterfall will suit your needs. Or maybe you’re thinking of enhancing your home’s curb appeal, in which case a stylish fountain near the entrance to your home will do the trick.